Friday, June 26, 2015


Letter Dated 22 June 2015 Dear Family, Hello my people! How is life for y'all? First of all let me say how proud I am of you for having such a thrilling week! Holy cow! That was some good stuff that went down! Also, one other item of business that I have to cover. Sam, I was dying laughing as I read your letter to me this week. Thank you so much! I had myself a very much needed laugh. OK, week. Let me get my planner out and remember what I did. I swear, I can't remember anything without my planner! I'm going to be one of those return missionaries who is still using a 6 week missionary planner 6 months after I get home, I just know it! Anyway, last Monday we went caving. If Elder Hess did what he said he was going to do then you probably got pictures of the fun that we had. It was pretty great. We had a mud fight at the back of the cave and boy was that a blast! I got nailed in the jaw and had to do some spitting to get the stuff out of my mouth. YUCK! Super fun though. Then after we washed off in the river. That was SO fun! I kind of couldn't believe we were doing it, but...we did it anyways. It was a blast and honestly I couldn't believe the amount of mud that came off of me! It was nuts! Me and Sister Gerard were pretty wiped out by the time we got back home. In the white handbook it says that preparation day activities should prepare you to work more effectively the rest of the week...Caving doesn't really do that! It's a blast though and we both decided last night that we would do it again in a heart beat! Luckily though we are playing it a bit more low key today. I even got a nap in this morning. Ronan is back!!! He was gone for a long time and we weren't able to meet with him but he's back now. It was so great to see him! Poor kid, he ran over to give me a hug and I had to stick out my hand real fast! He kept saying, "Can I please give you a hug?" I had to just keep telling him no, BUT I would give him a great big one after I got off my mission. Love that kid. I seem to have a thing with animals right now....well, two in particular. One is a cute little dog named Honey Bunch (you can just imagine to yourselves how cute she must be with a name like that) and the other is an old, grey, toothless cat named Miso. Honey Bunch started the whole thing. We went over to teach a lesson and Honey Bunch came right over and plopped down next to my feet and forced me to pet her through the entire lesson! Would you believe it? The entire lesson. Then Miso pretty much did the same thing. She just came over and jumped in my lap and forced me to pet her through an entire lesson. And it was a lesson with Austin so it took longer than most lessons do. Anyway, Honey Bunch did it again on Saturday so we'll see what happens with Miso next week. At that lesson with Austin we found out that he can see/sense people's auras. He said mine was cyan. We had Kendra look up our colors after the lesson and she said cyan meant: inner peace, positive, selfless, trust, intuition, communication, spiritually minded and unselfish (plus some other stuff that I didn't have time to write down). Pretty cool huh? Let's see, what else?...we found a pretty solid new investigator. His name is Logan. He and his girlfriend live together and are going to have a baby soon. He is super cool though. He reminds me a lot of ZM in Springfield. He just seems to recognize goodness and truth very easily and naturally. Anyway, we met him while trying to contact a less active, Sister C. She wasn't home so we decided to knock on the door across from her and met Logan. We ended up talking to him about family history and he let us set an appointment with him to come back and show him around the website. When we went back though we just seemed to flow very quickly and naturally into the gospel and the Book of Mormon. We promised him that our message would bring him peace and asked if we could share more and he said, "Yeah! I'm feeling the peace, so keep sharing." So cool! He was feeling the spirit. Anyway, Logan is super cool. I'll have to keep you updated on him. Actually, while I'm already talking to you about him I might as well tell you about the cool experience we had the other day while trying to contact him. We were on exchanges with Aimee when we went to visit Logan. We had set the appointment the day before so we were pretty confident in ourselves that he would be there. Well...he wasn't. We stood and knocked on his door a few times to no avail. While we were standing there though the door behind us opened and a lady came out and went downstairs. It took a few seconds before we realized that that might have bee Sister C! Well, Logan wasn't answering so we went downstairs and outside and almost immediately we saw our possible Sister C. in a van about to drive away. She saw us though and called us over and we were able to meet her and set up a time to meet with her. Awesome! She left and we went back to our car to decide what to do and saw Logan walk into the building! OK then! So out we go from the car, back inside and up the stairs and lo and behold we got to meet Lindsy, Logan's girlfriend. Let me tell you the Lord's timing is absolutely perfect! Just couldn't have been any better! Let's see, what else happened this week? We got our apartment inspected....on a weekly planning day. In order to illustrate the significance of that let me just tell you that our apartment generally looks like a bomb went off on weekly planning days with books and pens and sticky notes and papers all over the place. So yeah. Not the best day for an apartment inspection. Having said that, we only had about 3 minutes notice to clean up the place before our peeps arrived to inspect and we got 117 points out of 120. BOOM! It was pretty funny though when they texted and told us they were on their way, I was laying on my stomach and texting and I literally jerked, yelled and dropped the phone in order to fully express my horror that they were on their way with the apartment the way it was. Pretty funny. Well, my hand is starting to cramp up so I am going to stop writing now. I love you all! Have an incredible week! Love Sister Cryer

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