Tuesday, June 16, 2015


June 15, 2015 email Hello Family! So guess what I'm doing today? Going down to Springfield and going caving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited! Because of that though, this might not be the longest email ever, and I can't promise a letter. I think I will have time when we get back from caving but I'm not totally sure. Any way, stuff about my week! Well, first of all it sounds like you had a good one! Congrats Sam! That is so awesome! (Sam graduated from OSU with her BA) I wish I could have been there freezing in the stands with the rest of the fam, but I was there in spirit. Instead I was out here sweatin' in the heat and humidity! It is so flippin' hot here! haha We went tracting the other day in Kimberling City; 95deg and I am pretty sure it was something like 80% humidity. hot. Hot. HOT. That's ok though :) We got to talk to some pretty cool peeps :D We thought we found a potential investigator for YSA but when we tried to contact him by phone his mom pounced on us and told us to get lost. Not in those words or that way exactly...but basically that's what she did. Oh well. He is moving out soon so... We had a kind of cool experience on Tuesday. We went out to Rockaway Beach to teach a less active, Austin, who ended up being sick and not able to be taught. Lame sauce. So we decided to go try and visit another less active named Jared. It took us a little bit to find his house, (I was the navigator and I guess I left a little bit to be desired...) but we did eventually and went and knocked on his door a few times. It didn't seem like anyone but the dogs were home but eventually someone opened the door! Yay! Patience is a thing. Any way, it wasn't Jared, it was his room-mate Daniel who IS NOT A MEMBER. He was a really cool guy and we got to talk to him for a while and share the Book of Mormon with him. It was great! He seemed really interested and when we asked if we could come back and talk to him more about it he said we could :) We set up a time for the next day and then left for the night. When we came back on Wednesday no one was home! NO!!!! But again, we just stood there for a while and talked with Lauren (our YSA exchange. She is awesome! She served her mission in England) and low and behold Jared pulled up in his car! He said that Daniel wasn't home (lame) but as we kept talking to Jared we found out that Daniel had talked to him about the Book of Mormon the night before and Jared was really excited about it! He really wants Daniel to read in the Book of Mormon and when we asked if he would be willing to help Daniel by reading with him he said yes! I just love how the Lord works! Here is a less active who is going to help his non member room-mate receive a testimony of the restored gospel and probably through that come back into activity himself! SO COOL! Any way, it was pretty great. Thursday we had a fun thing happen. We were out with Sister Brazeal from the West ward trying to visit some people that Bishop had asked us to go see. One of them was out in Reeds Spring and we could not find the place for the life of us! I am pretty sure the address was for an empty lot. Any way, in the midst of trying to find this house though, we met some other cool peeps! Shannon (actaully a man) and his son Ethen. Ethen was out playing basketball and Sister Gerard challenged him to a game of PIG with the deal that if we won we got to tell him about the Book of Mormon. He agreed and the game began :) Lot's of prayer going on during that game of PIG! Sister Gerard won and we were able to talk to him about the Book of Mormon. Nothing seemed to really come from it. He said that he appreciated what we were doing but he wanted to stay with his church and didn't even want a copy of the Book of Mormon. Well, we went around the house to get Sister Brazeal after our talk with Ethen and found that she was talking to Shannon and had invited him to church and he had said that he might just come! He invited us to his church as well, which President has given us permission to go to other churches to see what they're like, so we might just do it! We think that if we go to their church they will be more willing to come to ours. Keep your fingers crossed! Hmm. I can't really think of anything else. I left my list of things to write about back at the apartment, of course. lol Hopefully I will have time to write you a letter! Have an amazing week! I love you all! Listen to a little Bing Crosby for me :) Sister Cryer

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