Monday, June 29, 2015


Hello Family! I am so glad to hear that you celebrated my birthday! I was even happier to hear that you celebrated it by watching all my favorite peeps and dances! haha That is great! I LOVED the greetings from Heaven envelope that you sent me too! When I opened it I let out a joyfull explosion of noise and started cracking up! Sister Gerard came running from the bed room to make sure I was ok! lol I guess my joyful explosion sounded a little more like I was being attacked or something. Any way, it made my day! (The envelope contained pictures of Donald Oconner, Fred Astaire, and Bing Crosby, a few of Emma's favorite people) Thank you as well for everything else that you sent me in my birthday package! I have been thoroughly enjoying all of it :) I really enjoyed receiving that huge card from the whole family too :) It was nice to hear from them, even if it was just one liners. I'm glad that they're all doing so good! So, my birthday was great :) Not a whole ton to tell as far as was weekly planning day so we were in the apartment for most of it. We had a thunder storm though and a ton of rain and that was a pretty neat birthday present from Heavenly Father. The best birthday present though came in the form of a new investigator named Shannon. She is a YSA! We have been trying to find investigators for YSA since I have been in Branson! So it's pretty neat that we are finally starting to see some results! Any way, she had investigated the church before but had been dropped and we had been trying to get in contact with her for a long time. Finally though, we were able to contact her through the members. Brydon has set up an invitations by assignment list that has been working pretty well where fellowshippers receive assignments to invite certain non members to activities. Personal invitations seem to work best :) Any way, so Shannon got invited to an activity and SHE CAME! Then she asked if she could come to church the next day, so she came and we got to meet her and we had an awesome lesson with her about recognizing the Holy Ghost in Gospel Principles. Then on Thursday night we got a text from Kendra saying that Shannon had texted her and asked how she could become a member of the church. WHAT?! We also got a text from Shannon right after that telling us exactly the same thing. What a great birthday present!!! We set up a lesson for Friday night, my birthday, and boom! New investigator on my birthday. Best present ever. Any way, sorry this is such a short email :/ I will write a letter though! Love you all so much! Sister Cryer One of the missionaries in Emma's District sent some pictures of their recent caving activity.

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