Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this week has been pretty great. On Monday we got together with the Elders in our zone and a few youth from the 1st and 2nd wards and played soccor and football. Boy did they have a time explaining foot ball to me! haha! I kept pulling Elder Pederson aside and saying, "Ok, in Sister Cryer language, could you tell me what they just said?" It was funny. He was having a good laugh about it. I have been learning to love sports since I have been out that is for sure. I don't know why that seems to be so necessary for me, but I guess it is. On Wednesday we had some fun with tracting! I have never had doors slammed in my face until now, and honestly it kind of made my day! I was laughing so hard after the first one, so much so that we had to wait a few minutes for me to compose myself before we knocked on the next door. On Thursday we had our zone conference. last time seeing the Shumways. Sad Day! We are sure going to miss them. We have Until July 1st with them and then President and Sister Loveland will come in the OTM will be gone. The mission home is moving to Bentonville Arkansas so the mission will be the Arkansas Bentonville Mission (the ABM) from now on. Weird. Any way, it was a really good zone conference! We actually talked a lot about the Bible. President Shumway has so much knowledge about the history of the Bible! It was really neat as he went through and talked about the Nicaen Creed and the Trinity and all this stuff that began and make up the common christian belief of today. He said something interesting though that I really liked. Well, a couple things actually. One was that the Bible is NOT common ground. A lot of times we use it as such because people always want to know if we believe in the Bible, but President Shumway talked about how it's not common ground because we only believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly. He also talked about how we sometimes try and use the Bible to prove the Book of Mormon. That doesn't work. Why not? Because of doctrine! We can find in the Book of Mormon (Mormon 7:9) that the Book of Mormon is meant to prove the Bible. Not the other way around. So the power of the Book of Mormon comes when we use it to prove and clarify the Bible. So cool! Any way, it was such a good zone conference and I was able to feel the spirit. Sorry, this is a really short email! ...But you WILL have a letter from me this week! How do I know? Because it is sitting right here next to me just waiting to be stuck into the mail! So you will have a letter :) Have an amazing week! Love Sister Cryer Here are some pics from a hike we took.

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