Friday, October 9, 2015


Letter dated 5 October 2015 Dear Family, So, I am sitting in a Firestone car place waiting for out truck to get an oil change and a tire rotation. That's the reason for the unlined paper. I don't usually go for that kind of paper, but I had to bum it off the guys at the front desk and this is all they had. ANYWAYS....Let me try and remember some of the stuff that we had happen this week...So you know how missionaries aren't allowed to babysit? (Best rule ever!) Well, we kind of ended up babysitting the Jenkins three kids on Saturday at Outreach. Those kids are crazy and there's honestly not much that they can help with, so in a desperate attempt to keep them busy and helping instead of being underfoot we had them help us bag frozen cookies. It was an interesting experience! lol Most of the difficulty came from everyone wanting gloves and there not being enough to go around, and the kids refusing to help if they couldn't wear gloves. And fighting over the cookies themselves. Anyway, we were able to pretty much keep them busy while we were there but boy I sure had a headache by the time we left! And who knows what happened to them once we were gone! Sister Fausett commented as we drove away, "I haven't had to bring out the mom voice in a while. It's just not something you really use while teaching The Restoration!" Haha. We had a good laugh and then started saying a bunch of missionary phrases and lingo in our best 'mom' voices. My personal favorite from Sister Fausett was, "I'm going to turn this salvation around if you don't stop right now." lol O.K. this was another kind of funny thing that happened. We had about an hour Saturday night with nothing to do so we decided to go and contact a referral that we had received for a lady named Karen. Interestingly enough it was the same address as another referral that we had received a couple months ago for a lady named Meagan. Anyway, we had stopped by several times trying to contact Meagan to give her the bible she had ordered and eventually just ended up leaving it in a bag on the steps of the RV. We had since tried several more times to contact Karen without any luck. We decided to go try again though since we hadn't tried at night before. Maybe they would be home. So off we went and pulled up onto the hill in the dark with the RV and big shed and tent in all their sketchy-ness. And they were home! The big double doors of the shed were open and as we pulled up we saw two silhouettes run to the doors and then just stand there. Awkward! lol We got out of the car and started up the conversation asking if there was a Meagan here and had she got the bible we brought. There was a Meagan there and she had got the bible! Yay! So we started talking to them (it was Karen and her daughter Meagan) about the bible and about God and things were looking really great. But then they started asking us about our missionary work and I made the mistake of mentioning that we can't talk to our families except on Christmas and Mother's day. They were shocked and said that just wasn't right; we should be able to talk to our families and they couldn't believe that the church would do that to us etc etc. "Shoot, what did I do?!" I thought to myself. They even told us, "Well if you want to you can come up here anytime and call your moms and no one will ever know." thanks! haha. Anyway that basically killed the good streak of conversation. After that it was all them basically telling us that everything we believe and teach is wrong all the way from how we're saved to the fact that apparently the bible tells us not to do genealogy...despite the fact that a good chunk of the bible IS genealogy....figure that one out! lol At the welcome end of the conversation Meagan asked, "So do y'all ever get any free time or anything?" "Yeah, we get some time on Monday," we said. "O.K., well if you want to you can come over sometime and I'll show you all the parts in the bible where it shows that what you believe is wrong."......Yeah, that's exactly what I want to do in my free time! NOT! lol It was pretty nuts! Life is just crazy sometimes. We had a good laugh out of it though. We also got invited by some Baptists to come by for a bible bash sometime. "Yeah! You come over with your list of questions and try to destroy my faith, and I'll make up a list of questions and try to destroy your faith and we'll just have a good old time!" That's basically what he said! I also got offered a beer for the first time in my life by a thin, shirtless man because he said I looked thirsty. Don't worry, I didn't take it. That's actually kind of a funny story too! So we were in the RV park contacting some referrals and we saw a small group of people outside one of the RV's so we thought we would go talk to them. Well, as it turned out they were in the process of getting hammered. Party hard. So it wasn't the best teaching environment, but they wouldn't just let us back out. "Tell me about the Book of Mormon, right now. I'm interested," the girl there said. The guy next to her (the thin shirtless on that offered me the beer) looked at her and said, "Well, could you go over there and talk about it, because I am NOT interested." "You don't even know what it is!" she said. "Yes I do!" he yelled. "Some guy, came to America, what's his name?..." he said pointing to us. "Joseph Smith? we said. "Yeah, Joseph Smith! Joseph Smith came to America, went into the woods and seen Jesus and BOOM! Mormonism is born!"... It was so funny! haha. We gave them a Book of Mormon and said, "Well, you can find out for yourself," and then we walked away. Good stories from tracting and OTMing. Well, I think our car, excuse me, our TRUCK is probably about ready (plus I'm about out of room on this sheet) so I'll call it quits for now. Love y'all! Have a wonderful fall week! Love Sister Cryer P.S. Dad, I hope you stay in Seminary for a while because I want to go with you when I get home! Seminary is the best! (A little pink note enclosed reads, "Dear Sister Cryer's family, Oh, Man! Way to go! You raised a good one. Sister Cryer is pretty much the best trainer ever! She is so kind, loving, and good at listening to the spirit. Keep praying for her because it is obviously doing good. I LOVE HER! Love Sister Fausett") Here are a couple pics that Sister Cryer sent home recently....With the Assistants to the President. Here I am tracting at a tent door!

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