Sunday, October 4, 2015


Hey family! How is life? SAM I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! The temple is the best place EVER and I can't wait to go again! It feels like forever ago that I was there. Costa Rica huh? That sounds like a blast! Holy cow! You will have a ton to tell me about then I am sure! Life here is so good! Me and Sister Fausett have been working together on having more faith and I think because of our efforts Heavenly Father has been blessing us and we got to see so many miracles and I wish I had time to tell you about all of them! I don't know maybe I will. I will do my best. Tuesday we had some really cool miracles. We had gotten a referral a week or so ago from the Jenkins, a recent convert family, for a lady named Dawn who lived in an RV park in town. "We don't know which RV she is in, but here's where the park is" they said. ...ok... So we went down there on Tuesday to try and find Dawn! I have never tracted in an RV park before but we gave it a shot! First door we knocked on no one was home so we walked around a bit until we found another door that looked like it needed to be knocked on :) Low and behold who should answer the door but Eva, a lady that we know from the outreach that we volunteer at every Thursday! We're not allowed to procylite at the outreach so we hadn't got a chance to really talk to her about the church before, but now we were able to! That in and of itself was a miracle and then on top of that during the conversation she said, "Yeah, I have a friend here, her name is Dawn..." No. Way. "...did you say Dawn?" "Yes, she lives in that trailer right over there." ...the church is so true! It was the coolest thing ever! We were also able to finally have a lesson with Jennifer, that potential that stood us up on Saturday. We were driving past her house to another appointment and we saw her outside. "Should we go back?!" Sister Fausett asked. Honestly I was a little reluctant because we were already running late for our other appointment and the family we were going to go see hadn't been to church in a while and we had been struggling to meet with them. But Sister Fausett said she felt like we should go back. "Lets do it then," I said, so back we went and we were able to have a good 45 minute lesson with her and we think that she has some awesome potential! She really opened up to us a lot and we are hoping to start teaching her soon. On Wednesday we decided to go spirit driving meaning that we just drive and turn where we feel like we should until we get to a spot or house that we feel good about. So we were driving and then I saw a housing development that looked good so I turned off onto that street and drove a little bit and then Sister Fausett picked out a house. There were four girls in the house that we knocked on and we were able to give them each a Book of Mormon! They talked to us for a good while too asking questions and saying things like "...Why doesn't anyone else know about this?!" when we would answer them and when we explained what the Book of Mormon was. It was really neat! We don't think anything will come from it right now, but the seed is planted and it was an awesome experience to be led to them :) Thursday was weird because everything went according to plan. ...that never happens. Friday was awesome because we got all of our weekly planning done! That hasn't happened for a few weeks! Saturday we were trying to contact a referral and ended up tracting a tent. haha That was fun! No one was home though. I will include a pic :) Sunday me and Sister Fausett sang in Sacrament meeting. That was a new experience for me! It was fun though. I am getting a lot more confident with my voice. Heck! I even sang I am a Child of God all by myself at the Mills house for an FHE. I was so scared, but I just didn't look up and it all went ok :) Oh! Also on Sunday we got 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! Mom and 3 kids. We had our first lesson with them Sunday night at 8 so we barely squeaked it in, but we did it! Heavenly Father is so awesome! He takes such good care of us and blesses us so much for every little thing that we do! Any way, I think that's all I got for ya right now :) I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you! The gospel is true! I see miracles every day and I know that it's true! Sister Cryer

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