Wednesday, October 28, 2015


OK, first things first. Siloam Springs is so pretty! I love it here! If it wasn't for all the bugs and humidity in the summer time I could live here! There are a few really pretty parks with little riverlettes and bridges and things and down town is all old shops and cafes with tables and chairs and umbrellas out front, and with all the leaves changing and falling it is pretty much picture perfect! In fact I am hoping to get out with my camera today and snap a few shots! I'll try and get some people in there amongst the leaves, mom ;) Well let's see, what can I tell you about? It's kind of weird because at the beginning of the week I was in Alma and now I'm in Siloam...Crazy. Any way, Max and Artie came and played basket ball and ultimate frisbee with us on Monday. Our last hurrah! It was a lot of fun :) Most of Monday night Tuesday and Wednesday was just trying to meet with everyone so that I could say goodbye. Nothing too eventful other than getting bit by a dog on my foot. That was fun. lol Thursday was a bit crazy. We had to be at transfer point at 7:45am to pick up Sister Fausetts new comp, Sister Pratt, and the plan was that I would just stay there and hang out with the other missionaries until I got on the Bull at 2. Well, little did we know until 7oclock that morning that there weren't going to be any Sisters at transfer point for me to hang out with. What the heck! What were we going to do?! Me and Elder Van Houten came up with all kinds of ideas as we discussed the possibilities over the phone, but what ended up happening is we got a ride up to transfer point, and then came back to Alma as a tripanionship, went to outreach, had lunch, and then I got another ride up to transfer point with Sister Egerton at 1pm because there were sisters there by that point. Any way, it was pretty crazy! I got to go to outreach again though so that was cool and slightly awkward! haha Because I had gone in on Monday and said goodbye to everyone already, so then to have to show up and be like "haha you thought I was leaving didn't you! lol jk" was a tad bit awkward. But it was great to be able to see everyone again. Transfers was fun. It always is. I actually had a little tender mercy in the parking lot before I got on the bull to leave: We were all about to load up and head out when I suddenly hear "Sister Cryer, you're not leaving us are you?" from behind me. I turned around and saw Sister Smith, one of the ward members that had been so good to us! She had just come into town to go shopping and saw all the missionaries so had come over to see what was going on. I got to give her a hug and get a picture with her before I left :) So now, back to Siloam Springs! The area is absolutely beautiful! The Bishop is incredible! Bishop McWhorter. He is so pumped about missionary work! He reminds me a little bit of Bishop Nothum in that regard, so I know that the work and the ward here is going to be awesome! So much depends on the Bishop, and if he is excited about missionary work, then everyone else will be as well :) So the Bishop is amazing, and the ward is awesome! Everyone is so friendly and have already been so kind to us! We shotgunned Elders so they are excited to have Sisters again. Speaking of shotgunning Elders, we have spent a lot of time today cleaning. haha The apartment is actually pretty nice, upstairs and downstairs with two bathrooms. could tell that Elders had been living there. haha There was a lot of dust and trash and papers everywhere, not a very updated area book as far as I can tell and just a lot of work to do in general to get the place together. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but oh well. Let's just say that it has put my cleaning and organizational skills to the test. It's been kind of nice to clean though. Something different :) Ok, I had better head out, but I will try and send you a letter this week too if I can. No promises, because I haven't finished cleaning yet, but I will do my best! haha I love you all! I hope you have an amazing week and share the gospel with someone! Sister Cryer

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