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July 6,2010
Hey everyone!
Well it's been an intense week. Some big disappointments but also some big miracles. The big disappointment is a really long story but basically what it came down to was that "W" did not get baptized. It was a very sad time. Surprisingly it was also a very intensely spiritual time as well.
As for the big miracles.....We tried visiting a former a few weeks ago but we found out that they moved. We talked to the guy who was living there now but he wasn't interested. Yesterday we tracted into his trailer. Instead of skipping his trailer we knocked on the door. He said "Oh hey guys how are you doing? Come in, come in. I have really been wanting to talk to you guys and see what you're out talking about. I need a good message in my life today." It was a miracle. The Lord prepared him over the past couple of weeks. We taught him the first lesson and committed him to be baptized on the 18th of July. He accepted. It was a really neat experience. I guess that his wife was in the hospital because she was having a baby! He said that his wife is not really into organized religion but he told us that he was determined to get his family going to church. We told him that we would be happy to help. He is a really cool guy. are you all doing? It sounds like you all had a good fourth of July! We didn't really do much celebrating. First of all we aren't allowed to light fireworks, and second we had to be in our apartment at 9:00pm and it doesn't get dark until around 9:30 or 10:00pm. And we couldn't see any fireworks from our apartment. Very sad I know. It really didn't feel much like the fourth! It was pretty neat though because in Hugoton the city decided to celebrate the fourth of July on the third and do all their fireworks displays on the third because they didn't want to do it on a Sunday. I thought that it was neat that they wanted to respect the sabbath like that.
In Ulysses they celebrated on the fourth. We did use our genius to get ourselves invited to a fourth of July BBQ! Man, they had a ton of food! Mostly meat. It was heaven!!!
Everyone was doing BBQ's over the weekend. Most people weren't too thrilled when the Mormon missionaries came riding up on their bikes and tried to spark a conversation. We managed to get a couple going though. We didn't do any tracting. We just rode around and talked to people. We also went to the jail and visited someone there. Our district leader called us while we were in the jail visiting and so we didn't answer. When we got out I called him back and said "Hey Elder M, I'm really sorry we missed your call. We just got out of jail though.....anyways, what can we do for you?" There was a slight pause on the other end of the line and then I explained. It was pretty funny!
Oh got to ride in a '66 Mustang on the 4th! We ate at a members home (Who have quite a bit of money) and then when we were getting ready to leave their son got up (who got back from his mission not too long ago) and said "Hey elders....I'll take ya home." We walked out to one of their many hangers on their farm and he pulled the cover off of his '66 Mustang. Man it was pretty! It was bright orange with two white racing stripes down the center. We rode home in down and everything. (I won't mention the part about where he forgot that he was out of gas and so we broke down on the side of the road in the middle of the middle of nowhere and had to wait for his brother to bring some gas and rescue us....ecause that was just embarrassing!)
So Carson has been hanging out at the house huh? Tell him I'm waiting on a reply to the letter that I sent him!
"Forbidden Planet" that sounds intense! Its bad huh?! Could you see the zippers on the costumes of the forbidden aliens? :)
So the pampas grass may be gone when I return? Its just dead now huh? That would be a hard job. You'll have to wear armor so that you dont get cut to death!
So you all got together with Laura and Kevin and Jasmine? Did you ever tell me that they were coming to visit you? Not that you need to tell me everything that you're doing in your life but I don't remember hearing that they were coming. I love the pics! So...Kevin is Lauras son right? and then Jasmine must be Kevins daughter right? Jasmine.....that name sounds familiar. Was she even born when we went to Florida as a family? I don't even remember if I've met Kevin! Anyways....looks like you all had fun.
Well....I dont remember if I've done this yet but even if I have I'll do it again. HAPPY B-DAY EMMA!!! You have to tell me all about your birthday.....and the trek!
Now its moms turn. HAPPY B-DAY MOM!!! I wont get to email you a happy B-day this Monday (the 12th) because I think that interviews are that day and so I'll be emailing on the 13th instead....I think. I hope that you have a great b-day though! :) (Is your back feeling better? You look great in the pictures!)
Well I gotta run...
I love you all tons~
Have a great week....thanks for everything,
Love Ben.

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