Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey everybody!
Hows ya'll doin?!?!? I am doing great! We had a baptism yesterday!!! It was very exciting! There was a bit of a road bump but it's all smoothed out now! (I'll tell you about it in my letter).
So, transfers are today! Guess what the news is!?!?!?!?!.....................
I'm staying in Ulysses for at least another six weeks! I'm serving with Elder Moser. I don't know who he is.....yet! I'm excited. Elder Alonso is off to springs.
Well.....we have to drive to Garden City today to do companion switches. Should be fun.
Well I'm way sorry that this e-mail is so short but I gotta run because Elder Alonso needs to pack up! I'll write a letter while he packs!
Love ya,
Love Ben.

P.S. Thanks for the pics.
P.S.S. Thanks for the long letter Emma!

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