Wednesday, July 14, 2010


July 12, 2010
Hey! Guess who it is............its your all time favorite missionary in the whole flippin world!!! .............................(RIGHT?)
First things must come first............
I hope that you have a great day today! How neat that I get to e-mail you on your birthday! So who's cooking dinner for you tonight? What are you having? :) Well, even though I'm in Kansas know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you a happy birthday!
Well how are the coolest people in the world?! Hopefully good! I am doing great. We just had interviews yesterday which were great and we have two baptisms coming up. Both of which are looking good and solid! I'm so excited. Its been a long hard dry spell but the Lord is blessing us for our persistence.
Well, like I said.....interviews were yesterday and they went really well. President didn't really tell me very much. He said "Elder Cryer, your doing great and your learning. If I give you all the answers then you won't learn. Sometimes less is more." That was the bulk of what he told me. He also said "Elder Cryer, thank you for stepping up and working extra hard. Tell your dad that your doing great." I told him I dad guess what?!?!?! I'm doing great!!!!!!!
So I got my package the other day! Thanks a ton. I'd been missing my gummies! And it's great having my watch back! $1.00? Is that really all it cost? That's crazy. (Crazy awesome!) And those sour gummies were an awesome treat! Thanks for sending me all the stuff I ask for! I think I'm good for now. (I can hear you sigh in relief!) At least....I'm good for a couple more days!
.....Oh, hey...I just got your e-mail!
Yeah, interviews were going to be today but they got switched last minute. Don't worry, you're not the only one being kept on your toes! This is the second time that they switched the interview day on us. No one can seem to make up their mind! Interviews were good though, like I mentioned above.
So you all got to go to the famous lake house! I've heard all about that but I never got to go. It sounds like it was fun. It sure looks like it was nice and warm and sunny from what I saw in the pictures. That lake looked very tempting! I have to ride past the city pool every stinkin day! They've got slides and fountains and diving looks so enjoyable. Especially when its 100+ degrees outside and your wearing slacks, a white shirt and a tie while your riding a bike.....oh, did I mention that we're riding against the hot wind? Yeah...a pool looks really nice!
Man, that cheesecake looks tasty! I could go for a piece of that right now!
Oh.....looks like my times up. I'll reply to the rest in my letter! I got a cool miracle story to tell you!
Well, love you (thanks for getting an email off to me even on short notice!)
Talk to you soon,
Love Ben.

P.S. Remember to have a great birthday today mom!

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