Monday, July 19, 2010


Hey everyone!
WOW!!! 22 pictures to look at! That was exciting! It looks like all is least, the house looked like it was still standing!
It looks like you had a great birthday mom! That breakfast looked delicious! I'm just a little jealous. (Is it just me or have you been eating more strawberry and whipped cream filled delectables since I left?) Speaking of that...have you gone to "Off the Waffle" lately? I remember those were so good. But anyways.....Yes, I love your body pillow! Did they buy all those covers for it it did they get you a whole new pillow? And I love your popcorn bowl! "More popcorn please"....that's exactly what I think when I reach the bottom of the bowl! That's neat. you couldn't blow out all the candles. I don't think that's good is it? I will keep that on the DL! We'll just keep that to ourselves!
So you got the happy birthday song through a megaphone! I bet that was a privilege! (Especially since it came from the Masons!)
So you mentioned that you would have loved to try some of my fried rice...well, you might just get a chance to try it! It still isn't gone! I made a TON. So I might still be eating it when I get off my mission in which case I'll let you try a little! :) (O.k. so I'm joking, but seriously its still not gone. I think I'll eat the last of it today for lunch......thank goodness!)
So is this the first time that Emma and Avery have gotten together since I left or are they hanging out more? I love the Cottles. They're an awesome family!
You mentioned that its been hot. Well same here. The last week its been up in the
100's and yesterday it reached 108 I heard. I'm getting used to it though. It doesn't bother me that much. I would rather it be 108 instead of what I was dealing with in Calhan where it was 20 degrees! I like the heat better.
Well I have to say.....your description of the removal of "Chewey" wore me out! Six hours? Six trailer loads? 7-8 foot root? Let me clarify because I think I might be confused.....did this actually happen or were you merely explaining a horrific dream you had last night? :) the pampas grass is gone huh? Did you get that approved with airlines? I'm pretty sure that was a pretty major land mark used for navigation. Not to mention that the earths rotation has probably been majorly affected by its removal. (!!!) (Not to mention the severe affects it had on your back dad. I will pray for you!) You know whats funny?...I remember that football! I'm actually surprised that you didn't find more hidden in the encircling grasps of the great "Chewey"! So no Fred huh? I guess we have to keep wondering.
Well I enjoyed getting your letter this week mom and the pictures that came with! (I'm glad that you like my present Emma!)
Oh.....look at that, I'm out of time...again. (I think that's the story of a mission!)
Well, I'll talk to you later! Thanks for the pictures and letters and e-mails! I love em all!
Hope you have a great week!
Love you
Love Ben

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