Monday, April 25, 2011


April 19, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, we just had interviews with President. They were the last formal interviews with him. Next will be with President Andersen. These interviews went well. I did ask him if I'll get to train before I come home. He said yes! I only have three transfers left. (Can you believe that!) So that means I'll be training pretty soon. That will be a very humbling time in my mission.
Also, President told me that he needs me somewhere I probably won't be in Liberal next transfer. I wonder where I'm going to go. I guess I'll find out in three weeks! I'm gonna be sad to leave Liberal...not as sad as leaving Hugoton and Ulysses though.
The work here has been a little slow for us lately. We had to drop most everyone because they weren't keeping commitments. So right now we are focused on finding. We were given some great advice during interviews on how we can find so I"m excited to put that into action. I really want to get out of this dry spell.
So I'm curious, Emma, how is your daily hour of piano playing going? I bet you've made some great progress in your piano playing doing that!
Well, I really can't think of anything new or exciting that has happened.
At interviews they talked a lot about giving promised blessings. They talked about how it will help give people a reason to change. They also shared how promised blessings will become more specific the more we give them. There was a point on my mission where I did focus on that but I have since drifted away from it. I'm excited to get back to doing it.
They also talked about how if we believe that something will or can happen then it will. If we don't believe it though then it probably won't happen. It's interesting how much our faith and our belief is connected to what happens to us.
Well, I know this letter is a little on the shorter side but I want to get it off before the mail comes....and I don't have much to tell this week.
Love you all. Have a happy Easter!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. That family of four I baptized in Ulysses....the mom and her three little daughters...they are getting confirmed! I'm going to be going to Ulysses this Sunday for their confirmation. I'm so excited! Thanks for your prayers for them!

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