Tuesday, April 5, 2011


March 28, 2011 Letter
Dear Family~
Well, it's been an interesting week herE in Liberal, Kansas, We are 90% sure that two of our investigators were put into jail. One of the last elders recent converts was for sure put into jail. Another one of our investigators is on probation and is going through alcohol withdrawals and was in the hospital. So, in short, it's been interesting.
We have been able to teach quite a bit this week. Oh, we taught one lady that would not cooperate with us. She accepted to be baptized but she refused to attend church! She had three concerns. We resolved each of them one by one and then she rotated through them all again and again! Finally we had to leave by just leaving an open invitation to come to church if she ever wanted to come.
We taught another guy this week...he was drinking vodka the whole time we were teaching. It was pretty ineffective. By the end of the lesson he was getting offended at everything we said so we prayed and left. We did an effective lesson this week as well though. We tracted into a really nice guy that let us in. We taught a first discussion and he had lots of question. He was really, sincerely looking for answers. It was a great lesson. The only hold up that we had was that he only gets one Sunday off every three months! He has his work schedule for the whole year. His next Sunday off is in May. He's looking for a new job though so hopefully he finds one with a better schedule.
We went out this week and did some service for an older couple in the branch as well. We just helped pick up the yard a little. Then they fed us lunch.
So, Elder Clark has seen some of my drawings and he asked me if I could draw a picture of him and his girlfriend on the beach. So I gave it my best shot. If I remember I'll send the pic in my e-mail later today. It turned out pretty decent.
So mom, when you mentioned the daffodils it reminded me of something. You'll probably never believe this but the grass here is starting to turn green! It looks so weird! I haven't seen green grass in so long. Don't get me wrong, there's still lots of brown but every once in a while you'll get a splash of green.
So, I've told everyone about dads stunt driving under falling trees. Basically everyone agrees that dads a STUD! They were all like, "Dang man, your dads awesome." It was pretty funny. I can only imagine the look on the guys face in the opposing lane! That was probably pretty priceless. I'm glad nothing bad happened as well.
Man Sam, that was quite the rainstorm you were caught in! We haven't had a good storm in a while. This is tornado season though so I'm praying that I'll get to see a tornado! That would be sick!
Mmmmm...P.F. Changs is so good. I remember the last time I ate there I was in Salt Lake getting ready to come on my mission. That is good food. And you got a 'Golden Child Moment'! Congrats. Welcome to my world! (Just kidding)
So you and Emma got to ride on a ferris wheel! Lucky. Oh, and mom too! The whole crew went...well, female crew. I can't believe that mom and Emma were both tensed up.
So Emma, you and dad got to go to Carls Jr. Guess what....I haven't seen a Carls Jr. since I left Oregon. I don't think that they have them here.
Your right, our branch president does know the secret to get to any Elders heart....food! Maybe that does have something to do with mY belt loop busting! I'll have to be more careful about how much I eat!
Well, I'm going to wrap up so I can get this sent. I love you all! Keep up the good work, I love hearing all the updates from home.
Love Elder Cryer

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