Monday, April 11, 2011


11 April E-mail
Well hello everybody!
So there were tornado's in Iowa? Why not here??? I can't come home until I've seen one! Surely they have to be coming soon. Actually I've heard come May or June is when they start to hit. So hopefully I'll still be in Kansas by then.
So Snuggles is still making her escapes from the outside to the upstairs huh? do need a Husky! That would keep her away!
So Yahtzee seems to be the game to play I right? I don't remember playing it that much back home but now it sounds like you lose it....I mean, play it quite a bit. (Sorry...had to throw that in!) Dang, so Sam came out of nowhere and snagged the champions spot? Sneaky!
So ward conferences are over now? That took a long time to do them all! Sounds like you had some good questions asked! How are the youth in the stake doing? It's funny because even though I'm thinking about all the people here I still find myself wondering about random people back home....just wondering how they're doing. A lot of times the thought is not even attached to anything at just comes. I'm sure I'll be surprised when I come home and see how much everything has changed because I still see our ward and stake just like when I left!
Hey, thanks for the pics! :) I'm looking forward to receiving that letter.....actually its more like a book...from Emma! Something really exciting must have happened!
And Dang....L.C. looks just as good as when I left. Actually I couldn't really tell from that picture but the sunset looks sick! There have been a couple of cool sunsets here lately.
Well, we ended up dropping some people recently because they weren't progressing. They kept promising that they would come to church and after three weeks of no shows we decided that we had to move on. I never like doing that but sometimes you've got to.
So I heard from somebody that the government shut down for thirty that true? Whats up with that? Its crazy being so out of the loop because you never hear whats leading up to what. We just get all the big crazy news because that's what people are talking about.
Well, as always...I love hearing how things are going! Thanks for all the letters and prayers. They do not go unnoticed!
I have a letter sitting on my desk that I started this morning for you all so I'll be sending that home with my picture card. So that should be something to look forward to.
Love you all a bunch!
Love Elder Cryer

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