Saturday, April 23, 2011


April 19, 2011 e-mail
Hey family!
Hows things goin'? I'm doing just fine.
I thought it was funny that you started off your e-mail by telling me about how you were cutting the grass, because just like two days ago I was telling Elder Clark how I wish someone would let us mow their lawn! I actually really miss it. I'm jealous that you got to mow! I know...that's crazy huh?!?!?
Yeah...I don't think that Kansas would free you from allergies. Elder Gomez (one of the Elders here in Liberal) is suffering from allergies right now. There is a LOT of dirt and dust but there is also a surprising amount of green.
Wow.....lucky you! So you got to meet with a member of the presidency seventy! I have to say that he is exactly right. The scenery is not what makes it. It is definitely the people. The people here are amazing! They are very open and friendly. They know how to make you feel right at home! (For the most part. Trust me....there are the exceptions!)
I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics! It'll be fun going through them with you all and explaining them! That is something that I look forward to. Are you going to load up the card with pics and videos when you send it back? That's always fun for me.
Dang, 65 tornado's! Why can't they share? All I ask for is just one! Is that too much to ask? Man, that is quite the story about that man and his three month old baby. I wish that everyone could be as fortunate. really is humbling to be able to interview people for baptism. I have loved being able to do that. I've got a few more coming up that I'm really looking forward to. I feel like I grow a ton just being able to hear their testimonies.
I will definitely pay attention to how people receive the message this week. I'll let you know if I notice or feel a difference. I have a feeling we will see a difference.
Well we got to take a tour of Dorothy's house today. We got to walk down the yellow brick road. It was fun. I'll send you a few pics.
Well...I gotta go. I'll tell you more in my letter.
Love ya all! Hope you have a great rest of the day and week!
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. If I see the Easter Bunny...I'll be sure to send him your way!

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