Monday, April 11, 2011


6 April 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, how is it going? Liberal is treating me well. I get to stay for another six weeks! Our investigators are happy that Elder Clark and I are staying. It's never fun for people to lose 'their' missionaries. Our transfer p-day was really hectic though which is why I'm writing this letter this morning before it's time to do my studies.
So you had a pj day? That sounds very relaxing and comfortable! I bet you all loved it. No wonder reality hit so hard after spring break!
That walk in the rain you all took must have been an adventure! People must have been looking at you like you were crazy! Only crazy Oregonians would go walk, sing, and dance in the rain!
So, mom, you mentioned that you all got a letter from President Pfile. That's neat. I can't believe how close they are to going home.
I definitely am doing all I can to stay focused as I come nearer to the end of my mission. I want this point of my mission to be my strongest.
Yes, Morgan is a friend of a member family here. We haven't been able to make contact recently though because the member family was in Idaho for a while but now they're back.
You know, back home I remember you talking about how we would sometimes be too in the mood for entertainment and I never really saw that. But now that I've had the contrast of the mission I can see what you mean. There really is so much more out there if we look for it. You're right...I do know that God lives. I've heard, seen, and most importantly felt way to much to ever deny it. I'm going to miss being a missionary 24/7 when that time comes. I hope I can still keep a strong focus on the things that matter most. Especially as I still have a strong desire to go into the entertainment business. Music and film are still what I see myself doing.
Well, today we have a couple lessons planned and some service. We're going to be taking a couple to the church tonight to show them around and teach them.
I did get to do my first baptismal interview for someone last Saturday though! That was neat. A very cool experience. He was way ready for baptism. He got baptized in Hugoton last Sunday. So things are going good here!
Well, I need to start studies now so I"ll let you go.
Love you all a ton!
Love Elder Cryer

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