Monday, April 11, 2011


5 April e-mail
Hey everyone!
I'm glad to hear that everyone is still doing great!
Yes...General Conference was awesome! The four of us Elders here in Liberal were talking and agreed that conference is more exciting then Christmas when your on a mission. It really is! Christmas just isn't that exciting on a mission...its just another day (except we get to call home which is sweet). But Conference is just plain awesome! I learned so much. My favorite sessions of course were Saturday. Morning, afternoon, and Priesthood. WOW!
Dang, So Sweet Pea is on her way to Sweden huh? Big trip! Is Carson getting excited for his mission? I bet he must be. I sent off a letter to them a week or so ago.
So agent Doug Dick has a new vehicle? Its probably smart to switch vehicles fairly often so that the enemy never knows what to look for. He's a smart wonder they keep him around. And no, I don't remember the story about the 80MPH drive while in pj's! That sounds like an epic adventure!
So how was the 119th anniversary of the sundae? Sounds tasty to me! It looked good too! Are you kidding me?!?!? Calories are the last thing on my mind! I could probably use a couple extra!
Well, we had a confirmation for the young man that got baptized our first week here. He's planning on getting the priesthood this Sunday!
Oh yeah....transfers! :) I found out that nothing is changing. I stay in Liberal as district leader. I was hoping for senior companion in Ulysses/Hugoton but that didn't happen. Dang it!
Other than that not much else is new. One Elder here in liberal is getting replaced by an Elder Gomez. He's been out like five months I think. And then one other Elder in the district (Guymon) is getting replaced by an Elder Valdez. Elder Valdez is hilarious! I'm excited to have him in the district.
So two days ago there were a ton of fires everywhere. Guymon Oklahoma caught on fire, Satanta caught on fire and they had to evacuate, and Liberal caught on fire. Don't worry or freak out please! Everything is perfectly fine. But it was pretty crazy. The wind was really really 90 degree wind going 30mph....and the sky was filled with smoke. You couldn't even see the sun! The eeriest part was when the temperature dropped from like 87 degrees to 64 degrees in a matter of like five minutes. You could feel it drop. We were with an investigator and they went and turned on the weather channel to see if we should know about anything. We weren't in any danger but Kansas City, to the east of us, has a tornado warning. There were lots of other severe weather warnings like hail and thunderstorms and all that but they were all to the east of us. I was so disapointed. I NEED to see a tornado before I leave Kansas!
Well....I cant think of anything else to least not in the e-mail. I'll reply to your letters as soon as I get back to the apartment!
Love you all
Love Elder Cryer!

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