Sunday, May 1, 2011


25 April 2011 Letter
Dear Family
So I wanted to say thanks again for the Easter box! I've been snacking on the candy for the last few days. I've also shared quite a bit with Elder Clark.
I'm glad that the picture card made it home o.k. I figured you probably would not care about the ward directory too much but I'll want it later. I'm excited to see the pics that I've sent home because I think I'll have forgotten some of them.
I do remember when we went to see Hello Dolly. That was fun. And then afterwards we went to leave and saw the 'Walk for Life' and so we went over to that. That was a good evening.
What?! Miriam is getting married? That's way exciting! Who to? I probably don't know him.
So Carson reports to the MTC soon. I'm excited for him.
So grandad and Uncle Gaz are coming in the middle of May? That will be so much fun.
Thanks mom for that scripture in Hebrews that you told me about (Hebrews 10:35-39). That gave me a good boost. I love the scriptures too. I wish I knew them better. I guess it's a process that just takes time and study. But thanks for that.
Well, today has been pretty uneventful. We went and played pool but none of us were really feeling it today. We've just been hanging out talking.
It was great to be able to be at C's confirmation. Thank you for all your prayers. God was listening, like always, and He answered them. Now it's just a matter of time before her daughters follow. I love that family too. Being a missionary is awesome!
Well, tonight we have Family Home Evening at the branch presidents house. There's going to be food, which is always good.
Hey, I got your cards today Emma. Thanks. They look great. I'm excited to hand them out for thank-yous and birthdays.
Well I better be off.
Love you all...Take care.
Love Elder Cryer

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