Tuesday, May 31, 2011


May 31, 2011 e-mail
Hows everything going? I hope that you had a GREAT Memorial Day! Were there lots of BBQ's going on? We had a good day yesterday....we didn't take p-day as you have probably already guessed due to the fact you didn't get an e-mail. We did some tracting as usual....didn't have much success...but, then we went to see a referral that we had received and that went great! He was so happy to see us and he basically told us that he wanted to get baptized! We talked with him for a bit and got to know him and then we extended a date for him to be baptized. He accepted it right away of course! :) He is excited to come to stake conference this week. I'm excited too because Neil Anderson from the twelve is going to be there. It is going to be awesome!
So by this time I take it Carson is on his way to the MTC. That is SO crazy! We won't see each other for 45 months! I bet he was excited to go. He is going to love it. I bet dinner with them was fun.
So, about disc golf.....we never ended up going because the car dealership trip took so long. So we are going today. As soon as we finish up with e-mails we are going to go eat lunch with the family and then go play some disk golf.
Yeah, we've had some crazy weather....a few thunderstorms. Nothing really amazing though. I want to see a huge storm right over Pikes Peak! Lightning and all. That would be sweet. We've had a few nice days lately which has been nice.
Yeah...I'll do that, I'll send my card home. I'd love to get some pics and video! I'll send it with my next letter.
By the way....when your loading the card could you put on a few pics of the new car, and also a few shots of our house? That would be great! Thanks.
By the way....I like the look of your new ride dad! Pretty stylin. ;)
Well, we are getting everything ready for the new mission president. He'll be here about the 28th of June. There are lots of things going on. We just had our last zone conference with the Pfiles. It was an awesome conference all centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Very spirit filled meeting. I just have one zone conference with the new mission president. I'm interested to see what changes he'll make to the mission. I'm sure it will be great...I mean, he was called by revelation after all!
Well....this computers about to time me out so I better wrap this up so I can actually send it!
Love you all a ton! I'm doing great so no worries there! Keep up the good work!
Love Elder Cryer

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