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May 23, 2011 letter
Dear Family,
Well, I'm sitting in a Toyota dealership right now. One of the members here offered to buy me a car since I'm getting to the tail end of my mission. I was shocked...well, I would have been if it were true. We actually got a recall on our car so we're waiting for it to be serviced. So LC doesn't have to worry. I'm still coming back for her.
So, I have been busy learning this new area. Colorado Springs is a nice area. Very pretty.
We live in a little one story four-plex. Definitely not our three story apartment in Liberal, but it is nice. I spent a few hours cleaning it and it cleans up nice.
There is a really cool guy here. His name is Bill Scott. He is retired from the navy. He feeds us every Monday morning and then we talk about "Jesus the Christ". We read a chapter a week and then discuss it. He also does our laundry for us. He even irons our shirts. He buys us snack foods and fruit as well. He is such a nice, neat guy. He does all he can to help the missionaries. He is a recent convert too. He was baptized last September.
Like I said in my e-mail, we spent ten hours at church. We were busy. I introduced myself in Sacrament meeting in the Academy ward, we both shared our testimony of The Restoration in both junior and senior Primary, and we shared personal testimony of the spirit of revelation in Relief Society. There are lots of neat people. Oh, I met brother Eliason. I guess that he's a cousin of the Eliason's that used to live in Eugene! Small world. I also met the Botchers. Their son is serving a mini-mission and he got assigned to serve with Elder Smith in Ulysses and Hugoton. Sister Botcher got excited when she heard that I knew who her son was with and where he was. It was neat.
Hey, our car is done! We're headed back to the apartment.
Today has been really sunny compared to the last few days. The sun has been shining all day.
We have Zone Conference coming up this Friday. This will be my last one with President and Sister Pfile. I'm sad. It's hard to believe that they only have about five weeks left. They have had a huge impact on my life and of course my mission. They are like third parents to me. You two are, of course, my first, then the Masons, then the Pfiles.
This evening has been great. We ate dinner with an awesome younger couple. The husband owns a martial arts studio and runs a couple other businesses. He also plays guitar and accordion. The wife teaches music and dance. She plays the flute. They are a neat couple. They are remodeling a church right now and turning it into a home. They are going to keep the stage and they said that they have found a lot of secret passages. They are going to put in moving bookcases and stuff to hide/lead to the secret passages. It sounds awesome. He said we could stop by and he'd show us around. Then we went to a less active members house to give the wife a blessing. We ended up just talking to them and getting to know them, for about an hour. We were laughing and having a great time. They are a pretty young couple too. He is in the military. They just had a baby. They are a really neat couple. In fact...after we got back in for the night I was thinking about how much I love that part of being a missionary. Getting to know all different types of people. With this calling it seems like we get to know people so fast. I told Elder Nielsen..."Isn't it awesome? An hour ago we had no idea who those people were, or that they even existed, and now they're two of my favorite people!"
It really is neat. I'll miss that.
Well, I better get this off to you before it's too late! Don't want to make you wait too long.
Take care y'all!
Love you,
Elder Cryer

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