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April 25, 2011 e-mail
Happy Easter to you too!
Yes...the Easter bunny did find his way to our apartment! Thanks so much! I have never seen fortune eggs before....the Easter bunny went the extra mile for me this year!
So you all went up to grandma and grandpas place for Easter huh. I cant believe that you found ALL the eggs. That is a record! I can't remember a year that we ever found all of them. Are you sure that you didn't find some of the five year old eggs and are still missing some of the ones that you hid this year?!?!?! :)
You got to hear Elder and Sister Gifford speak?! That is awesome....I love the Gifford's. They actually came to our apartment at the end of March to drop off some supplies and they said their goodbyes to us. They told me that they attended the Toledo ward and I told them about grandma and grandpa. I said, "If you see the Meyers let them know I said hi!" They said I'd have to come visit sometime after I got home. That is just so crazy that you got to hear them speak and then got to talk with them. I hope that they do come back when the Pfiles are would be great to see them again! Emma is showing her cards at a fair?!?!? It sounds to me like these cards are a big hit! Already selling them too. Dang, your good! You'll have to send some pics of what they look like. I'll be excited to hear how the fair goes. So, where did you post them online?
So this was an awesome week for me. I got to go to Ulysses for C's confirmation. She is the mom of those three girls. We baptized them all about four months ago. It was so good to be able to be a part of that. When she was getting confirmed I got to stand in the circle and the spirit was SO strong! It was probably the strongest that I've felt it in a while...and I get to feel it every day! It was such a beautiful thing to see. Her girls did not get confirmed which was sad but I know that it will just take time. They will see and want what their mom has now. It was actually kind of funny because before church started I was talking with C and she got a phone call. It was W....the ten year old. She talked to her mom for a minute and then C handed me the phone with a smile and said..."She wants to talk to you." So I took the phone. She told me that she wanted me to come over and see them before I went back to Liberal. I explained that that wouldn't work because I had to leave right after sacrament and her mom wouldn't be home then. Of course, she really didn't understand why that was a problem but I told her it just wouldn't work. I told her that she should just come to church and that it would be awesome to see her mom get confirmed. Well, long story short...after a bunch of back and forth, she decided to get dressed and come. I handed C the phone and she said "Good job! I'll be right back." It was funny. So She went and got her. It was a really good day though. It was good to see everyone in Ulysses too. It was funny to see the different reactions. Some people hadn't even noticed that I had left....some didn't really care....and others freaked out! "Oh my gosh....your back! Who'd of thought you'd get transferred back here!" I had to explain to them that I was only back for about an hour or so! It was great though. There are some awesome people there.
So, I gotta go now but I wanted to ask you when you'll be home on Mothers day for my call. I think that we're looking at calling sometime about 4 our that would be 2 your time. Will you be out of church by then? Anyway...let me know what will work. I'm looking forward to talking to you again!
Well, Love ya all
Love Elder Cryer

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