Tuesday, June 21, 2011


June 21, 2011 e-mail
Hey everyone!
Hmm....so still no letter with a picture card? I sent it home a while ago. I hope we didn't lose another one. At least I backed up all the pictures to my hard drive before I sent it home. :) I hope it finds its way to you though.
So, Sam is on her mission?!?!? That's pretty sweet. I cant believe that she leaves 21 months after me and will get home 3 months before me. Whats up with that? lol I loved getting her letter. Very detailed! I cant type fast enough to be so detailed. She made my emails look pathetically short! lol Sounds like she's having a good time though and getting lots of neat experience!
And yes....I do make my bed every day and I do fold ALL my clothes....or hang them up. You taught me well. :)
Well, life here is good. I've had some neat experiences lately. Ill tell you about them in my letter....which I will write and send to you on time! :)
Transfers is today. I of course am staying right here. I figure I'll be here till the end. But Elder Nielson is getting transferred...so tomorrow I will have a new comp. Possibly my last. I'll let ya know about him as soon as I know who he is. I mean I know his name but I know nothing about him.
I can't believe that you were robbed of your fathers day cinnamon roll! lol At least you got a replacement. In the Academy ward here they gave us all pops succors. The bishop made the comment that he wasn't sure which part we should focus on. The 'pop' part...or the 'succor' part! In the Mountain Shadows ward they gave us all 'fat boy' ice-cream sandwiches. Lots of hidden messages in there if you ask me!
Man...its hard to believe that I'm in the tail end of my mission. Only twelve weeks left. You were asking about my plans when I get home. I don't think I'll be starting school until January. You mentioned that you booked the cruise for Nov 26th - Dec 3rd. (That's gonna be a blast!) and so I think I'll hold off on school until January. As far as when I do start school I still am very undecided. I will definitely start praying about it. Anyway...Ive got lots to think about while still staying busy! I will continue to work hard...promise. But I am thinking about what I want to do. Film and Music is still my dream...so I want to keep that in mind as I decide what to do. Anyway...I'd love your input and ideas and all that. But...I don't think you need to send me any catalogs yet because I think I'll wait to start school.
Well, I'm about to get signed off so I better go. I love you all and hope you continue to do well!
Love Elder Cryer

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