Monday, June 27, 2011

Work and Warm Weather in Colorado

Here is a letter that was delayed~

May 31, 2011

Dear Family,
What a busy day! I swear, P-days are so hectic! It's been good though. We e-mailed this morning after waiting for 45 minutes for a computer to open up. Then we went to a less active family's home for lunch...they fed us burgers and fries. They know how to get to my heart! Then we went and played disc golf. I forgot how fun and relaxing that is. We had a great time. It was very warm today. I got some sun. That took a little while to do so when we got back we had an hour before dinner so we cleaned the apartment and the car. I love a clean apartment and car. There ain't nothin' better!
We ate dinner with the Procters. They're an older couple and they are funny. They had us try some Brie cheese. It was....interesting. Very creamy and had kind of a salty taste. Not something I would go looking for! Then they took us out to Cold Stone for an ice-cream! I got a 'love it' with french vanilla and twix. Very tasty. I'm so full now though. But it was worth it.
So I got your letter today! I really am enjoying my new area. I love the landscape. It's very pretty. The weather is pretty nice as well. We went out a week ago with a member of the ward to go find some less-actives and we drove almost all the way to Woodland Park. That was such a pretty drive.
Yeah, I'll send a card home with this letter. I'd love some pics and video.
Man, hiking in the snow...quite the adventure! I bet it was really pretty. Pike's Peak has snow on it right now. I so wish that I could go hike it. That would be cool. I really want to go do the incline but my companion really doesn't want to. He doesn't really like to hike or bike so I haven't been able to do either as much as I'd like. Oh well...I am determined to do the incline at least once before I leave this area. It's basically just a mile hike straight up the side of the mountain. It's pretty hard I guess. I want to try it.
Sounds like you all had a good time enjoying the coast. That will be a sight I'll be glad to see again. I do miss the ocean.
So Jordan's leaving sometime in August? Man, what's with all my friends leaving right before I get home. Are they trying to avoid me for four years? lol.
Oh, that's right...Miriam's wedding! Wow, that is so crazy. Well tell both her and Ariel that I say hi! Tell Ariel I'm still waiting for a reply to my last letter! Be sure to give her a hard time for me. (You can tell her I said that.)
Well, this morning we went and taught a husband and wife some of the new member lessons. The husband just got baptized in October. They are a neat couple. It was a good way to start the day.
By the way, it is now June 1st. Today we are going to do some weekly planning, then go out to lunch with a member, then go visit some less actives. Wednesdays are usually a full day. Full days are good days though.
O.K. so now it's June 2nd. I will get this letter sent today
So this morning we went out tracting with one of the young men here in the Mountain Shadows ward. He's getting ready to go to Mexico. He leaves for the MTC on August 3rd. He's a cool kid. We had a good time. Although it is kinda hot and muggy today.
We stopped by a former investigator's house today and invited him to Stake Conference. We told him that Neil Anderson will be there. That seemed to spark some interest. So right now we are looking at having three investigators at church. It will be awesome if they all come.
Well, like I said, I want to get this letter in the mail today and I think those are about all the updates so I guess I'll send this on its way.
Love you all a bunch! Take care.
Love Elder Cryer

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