Tuesday, June 21, 2011


June 14, 2011 Letter
Well, I have good news! I got your letters today! I got one from Sam and one from Emma. I was starting to wonder if you still cared about me...it felt like a while since I got a letter from either of you. No worries, I've been finding ways to keep myself occupied!
So you're both really going to England?! That is so awesome. I'm jealous. I'm sure I'll get a turn one of these days. Sounds like you'll have a good amount of time over there. I imagine we'll switch to e-mail while you're over there because I don't know where you'll be staying and when. So...sometime before you go you should e-mail me so I have your e-mail address.
So, Emma, you got a prize at the Modest is Hottest dance? What was the prize? You sure seem to be enjoying those dances. And now you're having a group date planned for you. Well look at little miss popular!
I actually have heard about bleeding at every pore being a medical condition. Isn't it amazing what Christ went through for us? You know, in our last Zone Conference President Pfile explained to us that it is through the process of working for someone that we grow to love them. He said, "The more you do for people the more you love them." He also said, "The things that you willingly sacrifice for become more valuable to you." Then he tied that to the Atonement. He explained to us how Jesus Christ had to have loved us to perform the Atonement, but he must of grew to love us so much more through the Atonement. It was something I had never really thought of before like that. The Atonement is an amazing thing. The whole gospel would be pointless without it. It is what allows the gospel to work. It is the enabling power of the gospel.
I have to say I loved the pictures that you sent. Very impressive. The cowgirl one is my favorite though. You're getting pretty good at that whole drawing thing.
So Sam, you got to teach Relief Society huh? You're a good teacher, it doesn't surprise me that the lesson went well. Are you still Relief Society president?
So, this butter-beer sounds pretty intense. Sounds like it would get me on quite the sugar high! It sounds tasty though.
That is too funny about you and that dictionary. I can totally see you falling in love with an old battered dictionary! And you got it for free too...what a deal.
Done with school! Y-ay! I bet that feels good. So you have your Associates Degree now, right? Let me guess...you got all A's?
Well, today was a nice relaxing P-day. We mostly just hung out and relaxed. We don't get to do that very often. We had breakfast again with Bill Scott. He is so neat. We discussed Chapters 6 and 7. That book is so full of information.
Tomorrow we get to go do some service. We're going to go help cut down a tree. I guess he lives up in the mountains. Should be good.

June 16, 2011

O.K. So this morning I woke up and thought "Did I send my letter home on Monday?" I came to the conclusions that I did. Well, then I got your letter mom saying that you hadn't gotten a letter in two weeks. So I figured I'd check again and guess what?....the letter that I 'sent' was still in my notebook. I'm way sorry about that. Don't mean to worry you. I did send home a letter with my picture card though last week I think. Did you get it?
By the way...transfers is coming up on the 21st so I would say wait and see if I move before you send the Ensign. I think I'll still be here but you never know!
O.K. So the work is going good. I wish I could just call and tell you what's been going on because it takes so long to write everything down...and my hand starts to hurt! But yeah. We are working with a young couple who just recently moved here. They don't attend a church so we're going by tomorrow to teach them. We actually just came in from tracting and we had some success I guess you could call it. We got a return appointment and handed out two copies of the Book of Mormon. The last lady we gave a Book of Mormon to was really nice. We were sitting out front talking to her when her daughter, about 5, ran out from the back yard around to where we were. Her mom said, "Honey, get back in the back yard."
The little girl said, "But I want to see Jesus!"
Her mom laughed and said, "Well, look into their smiles and you might see him."
It was awesome. Kids rock!
Well, I want to get this letter off to you so I don't keep you waiting any longer.
Love you all.
Love Elder Cryer

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