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June 21, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, I hope that by the time you get this letter you will have gotten my letter with the picture card.
Hey! And by the time you get this letter Sam should be back. Welcome home from your mission Sam! It was great getting your e-mail. It was fun to hear about some of the fun and not so fun experiences you had. So, what are your thoughts on a mission now? Missions are awesome....not gonna lie. They can be hard at times but it's such an amazing calling.
Me and my companion went out with the sisters yesterday. No, not a date or anything! They serve in a Young Single Adult ward and so they cover all of Springs. Well they found a guy in our area and so they called us up and asked us to come to the lesson with them so they could hand him off to us. We called up a member of the ward to go with us. It was a full house, but the lesson went really well. He has questions....but who wouldn't? But he's willing to read from the Book of Mormon and pray. It was interesting teaching with the sisters. That was the first time I have done that on my mission. It went pretty smooth considering that we've never taught together. I didn't have to talk as much as usual!
June 23~
Dang it! We're keeping very busy....which is a good thing but it makes it hard to keep up. I apologize for the slightly late arrival of this letter.
We had another lesson with that guy we taught with the sisters. The sisters were there again but due to transfers we had a new sister. She is brand new. Today was her first day. She was very quiet but quite nice. Vince, the guy we're teaching is still excited for baptism on July 10th. We're excited for him.
It has been hot today with a few very small showers mixed in. So that bumped the humidity up a few notches, but still not horrible.
We were tracting some apartments earlier today and got quite a few less than polite responses. We thought about going to a new area but something told us to stay. A few doors down a lady told us that she was not interested but she had a friend who had been wanting a copy of the Book of Mormon. So we gave her one with our number in it. Her friend didn't want us to come by...but I hope she reads and calls us.
My new comp by the way is Elder Hakes. He is from we share a love for the heat. He likes to hike, unlike Elder Nielson, so we will be hiking the Incline. I'm excited.
Oh Emma, you asked if I feel like I'm getting this whole mission thing down or not. I'm definitely way more comfortable doing the work now than I was when I was new. It's funny because today during the lesson everyone kept looking at me when a question or concern was brought up. Elder Hakes has been out four months, Sister Kenny has been out for one day, and Sister Sedgwick has been out six months. So even if you add their time together I've been out longer than double their times put together. I don't know how to say this but...I'm kind of a big deal. No, just kidding. Time doesn't mean a thing when it comes to resolving concerns. It's all about the spirit. But it seemed like they thought I had some vast store of knowledge. It was funny. But no, I still have so much to learn and improve on. I honestly don't think it's possible to learn the limit on your mission. There's always more to do and learn. The key is to learn all you can while you have the chance.
Mom, I tole Bill, the guy we read 'Jesus the Christ' with that you all said hello and thank you. He was very appreciative. He said he hopes to meet you someday. He's such a nice guy. I have made a lot of 'best friends' on my mission. I've noticed that the longer I've been out the more I have a capacity to love. It's easier not to judge...but just to love them for who they are. I love people. I love getting to know who they are and why.
I enjoyed reading Carson's letters home. I miss that fool! So, I want to hear more detail about that alien that they saw. He's going to have a blast on his mission.
It's weird being the only one who knows this area at all because I still don't feel like I know it very well. Now I'll be forced to learn it!
Well, I want to get this letter off to you before I get busy and forget.
Love you!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. By the way... I wanted to wish you a happy Father's Day dad! You have been and are a great example to me in so many ways. Thanks for being a great father.
And Happy Birthday Emma! Wow, sixteen! That's hard to believe. I hope you have a great birthday and lot's of fun. Let me know how your date goes!

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