Tuesday, June 14, 2011


June 6, 2011 Letter
Well, P-day has been fairly relaxing today. I still haven't taken a nap but it's only 3:30 so I still might.
To answer your question, I have started 'Jesus the Christ' before but only got to chapter 10. So it'll be good to restart. It's a hard read. It has been really enjoyable to have someone to talk about it with. This man is such an amazing guy. He has such a passion for the gospel and missionary work.
So how was Miriam and Zack's reception? Did you get any pictures? That's just crazy...everyone I knew is now dating, getting married or going on a mission! I'm glad to hear that Ariel is enjoying school. Did you pass my message on to her?
Well, I hope I can be one of those missionaries who comes home and stays involved, and gets to know people because I love getting to know people! I guess I need to do my home teaching huh? One thing President Pfile has told us that the people who say they don't like to do their home teaching don't like it because they don't do it. He said, "If you just do it, then you'll love it."
So what's up with this ldscreate.org? What is it's purpose? It sounds neat. I'm still undecided with what exactly I want to do with my talents...I'm still leaning towards music and or film but I don't know what I want to do in those fields. Still looking at my options.
You want a what for your birthday mom? What is a 'nook'? I guess I'm behind the times. Is it like a blog? or is it that e-book thing?
Speaking of blogs...how is your blog Sam? Did you ever manage to get it linked to any other sites? I'm excited to see it!
Hmmm...it sounds to me like you and the Masons (and Sarah) had a flat out party! What I want to know is how did they manage to get out by 10:30? Storytelling about Carson would take a lot longer than that! I actually e-mailed him today. It sounds like you all had a nice final hoorah!
So you heard 'Taps' the other day? Me too. Although I heard it in a little less of a spiritual setting. We went over to the Rudolphies for dinner and when we walked in they started playing some up-beat song and then when we left they ran and grabbed their horns and played Taps as we left. It was funny.
The weather here is getting hot. It's close to 90 degrees today. The snow is quickly fading off of Pikes Peak. There were some fires in one of the states by us. There was a ton of smoke in the air because of it. For the past few days we could hardly see the mountains! But now it's all cleared up.
So real quick, before I wrap up. We went to eat dinner with a young couple...the Hammonds. They have a little four year old daughter, cute as can be. Once she finished eating she went and sat by the open window facing the street. Everyone that walked by she'd yell to and say, "Hi! The missionaries are here eating with us!" It was very funny. She's a good member missionary!
Well, that's about all that's new. Things are good.
Love you all! Take care.
Love Elder Cryer

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