Tuesday, August 2, 2011


July 26, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
So if my handwriting seems messy it's because my whole body is sore and feels like jello! We just got done with some service. We were shoveling and chopping in the heat of the day. I had sweat dripping off of me. Then yesterday we (Elder Hakes, Elder Advient, Elder Howell and I) decided to try The Incline. Whew! That was a good workout! It took me and Elder Howell 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the top. It's only one mile but it's straight up! We were up at 9,000 feet. It was an awesome view. Then there's a trail called Bar Trail that we ran down. It's 3 miles long. That's why my legs are killing me. The only thing that kept me and Elder Howell running all the way down was our pride! There was another couple behind us running. We couldn't let them beat us! It took us about 15-20 minutes to run down. So my legs and feet are killin! It was totally worth it though.
So I got y our nice long letter mom! It was surprised to see a typewritten letter from you...but I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't have wanted to write all that!
I can't believe that Emma had her first date! That is so crazy. I still remember my first date! It's so amazing how fast time flies.
Sounds like girls camp was really neat. Oh, and no, I don't think I was told Emma designed the shirts. Do you have pics? She's really been getting into that stuff it sounds like. That's really cool.
I got to have dinner with Sally DeFord. She showed us her studio and I asked a bunch of questions and then she let us listen to a new song that won't be released until this Christmas. It was such a pretty song.
So by the time you get this, Sam and Emma will be in England. Are you copying my letters? or what's the plan there? They'll probably be too busy to remember me anyways! Just joking.
I hope your heart isn't hurting anymore. It must be different for you and dad to have the whole house to yourselves...but don't worry, soon we'll ALL be back...and then you'll be wishing we'd leave again! How exciting will that be though! All of us coming home almost together like that. It's scarey how close it is!
So a quick update about Steven. His baptism was moved to July 31st. So far he is on track. We are teaching him today again and then he'll get interviewed today. He is noticing changes in himself. He mentioned it last time we were there. He said he feels happier, he feels better. Everything is going well there...I'll let you know how everything goes.
So how is the new Mission President and wife? I still haven't gotten to speak to or see our new Mission President or his wife since we met them for the first time at interviews. I have a feeling I won't get to know them very well by the time my time is over.
That is so good to hear about Chris Mason! I'm sure she, and the whole family, were way excited about that news! I will continue to keep her in my prayers and pray that three months will show that it (cancer) stayed gone! I'm excited to see that family again!
Well, I should really get this letter in the mail...it's taken too long...again. I'm sorry. We really are busy though. Trying to get Steven ready and also the sisters have given us 11 referrals that we need to follow up on, then on top of that we've been doing a bunch of service! Free time is not something a missionary see's very often...so I take any chance that I can get.
Well, I'm trying to think of new updates to tell you about.
Oh, O.K. So we were going to this apartment complex where a bunch of the sisters referrals live. We were walking in to one of the buildings when we heard a whistle behind us. Now, there are many types of whistles...but we heard the type that suggests, "Hey there, aren't you looking fine tonight!" Yeah, so we didn't turn around because we were thinking that it was just some girls trying to tease us. Well, then we hear the whistle again followed by, "Elder Cryer!" So I turn around only to see the Sisters! They were trying to get our attention to see if we were seeing who they were there to see...which we weren't. It was so funny though. I don't know why they whistled like that.
Well, I really want to send this today. I love you and hope all is well back home.
Love Elder Cryer

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