Monday, August 22, 2011


August 22, 2011 e-mail
Hey everyone! a couple of things to start off.....first of has
taken me half an hour to start this email.....this computer is SO
SLOW!!!! and the mouse hardly works at all.
Second....I'm so sorry that you didn't get a letter last week. I wrote
one....I just never mailed it. :/ I hate when I do that. So, I
apologize for that. I will make sure to send it. :)
Oh...before I forget....yeah that will be totally fine for Gma and Gpa to
stay with us when I get back. I haven't had my own room for two
years...whats another few days. ;) lol Besides..I'd rather see them
than have my own room right away. That would be awesome if Aunt Jackie
was there too. I'd love to see everyone! Ive missed you all! ;) worries in getting me a letter last week....Its pay back for
me not sending one. But thanks for my belated birthday e-mail! :) I
had a good birthday....basically just a normal day...but still good. I
got to sleep in a little! lol Not on purpose...I swear that the alarm
was set.... but it never went off. So when we woke up we had to
scramble a little bit to get showered and ready and off to district
meeting on time. (Not my fault I swear!) haha....But after
district meeting we went to DQ and got lunch and I bought my cake. :)
I did get the card just a couple days before my B-day....So I haven't
had a chance to write a thank-you for it.....but I guess I can tell you
here! :) Thank You!!! That was a nice treat...I love ice cream cake. I
got one that was divided into four sections....M&M, cookie dough,
Oreo, and cheesecake. Its good. I still have some in the freezer. :)
Then the rest of the day went as most other days go.
I like the pics that you sent.....I think you sent a couple of those
yard pics last week...but there were some new ones too. That spider is
HUGE! I'm beginning to wonder if you all moved to Brazil and you just
haven't told me yet! haha (Boy would that be a shock!)
That is an neat experience that you had...with your back. The
atonement really is an amazing thing. It has been really neat seeing
it work not only in my own life but in the lives of others.
Man, Jordan gave his farewell talk!?!?!? That is so crazy! Now Carson,
Jay, and Jordan will be gone when I get back. They are going to do
great though...and have a great time! He spoke on three of the most
important things as a missionary....Obedience, sacrifice, and love.
That there is the key to success!
Well...everything is just fine with worries...I'm just not a
writer. lol I answer questions better than I do just telling
everything that's going on...but I am doing well. Trying to get
the district pumped up...and excited. There are a couple of
missionaries that seem to be struggling a little...but they just got
someone with a date...and they came to church,,,so that is exciting.
We have a couple people that we had stopped visiting for a while but
have recently picked back up...They seem to be showing more
commitment now...we'll see. They NEED to come to church!
This week has been rough just because everyone we had with a date
didn't come to church.....there is some infection that a few of them
got. It was disappointing.
Anyways....I hope you all continue to do well back in Oregon! How are
Sam and Emma doing? They having a blast? ;)
Well I love you all! Thanks again for the DQ card. Tell everyone I say hi!
Love Elder Cryer

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