Monday, August 15, 2011


August 14, 2011 e-mail
Hey folks!
Man, the yard is sure looking nice! Looks like a park! We just need
some park benches through there. It looks like you have been really
busy out has definitely payed off. Thanks for the pics.
Jackson sure looks a bit different. I bet he feels better though.
Well I had no idea how important my letters were to sustaining life!
;) haha I try to keep up with it all. I try not to go a week without
an email and letter. Hopefully I've done a decent enough job.
Wow, it looks like Jerrys had quite the event! Must have kept all
the people there really busy! It feels like just yesterday I was there
working. That was a great place to work! Good people. I hope I'm
able to get back on with them.
Well this last week was spent going by potentials, formers, and part
member families. We got two people with a date but neither one came to
church so they lost their date. It was sad. We went by and we were
able to contact one. She didn't come because she was really sick. We
committed her for next week and she said yes....we made sure she was
serious. lol I really would like for her to get baptized before I go
home.....because I know that she will eventually. She loves the gospel
and the Book of Mormon and stuff.
We went mountain bike ITLing the other day! lol We rode our mountain
bikes up a big ridge that everyone told us that we couldn't make it to
the top of. Well when we reached the top we found a couple up there.
They said they were just up there relaxing and praying. So we sat and
talked to them about the gospel for about 30 minutes. It was awesome.
They didn't really accept but they were very nice and at least they
have something to pray about.....we did commit them to pray about if
there was a prophet on the earth today. They said they would. Well,
after talking with them we headed back down.....well there are tons of
trails that break off and so long story short...we got lost! haha Soon
we found ourselves on no trail at all...then we came to a cliff! lol
We found a way to get down the cliff. It took a bit but finally we
made it. After a while it started to get dark.....we saw the lights on
what we thought were our apartments about two miles away over another
ridge. So we headed over that way....we got over there after a bit but
discovered it was not our apartments. It had a "no trespassing" sign.
Well....we decided to go for it we were riding around all
these dumpsters and semi trucks and stuff....finally we made it out to
a main road and found our way to the apartments. We were dripping
sweat! lol It was so much fun. A nice adventure.
Well,,,,I better get running.
I love you all! Take care!
Love Elder Cryer

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