Tuesday, August 9, 2011


August 2, 2011 letter
Dear Family,
Well, I promised that I'd write...so here I am.
So, transfers is next week...but I'm pretty sure I'll be staying right here. I'll let you know if that changes.
So, like I said, S. did not get baptized. He doesn't want to act. He still wants to attend church though which is cool.
So, yesterday we went and helped a less-active family move some stuff around. We found out we have some stuff in common. I found out that he likes to scuba dive! He had a bunch of gear, so we looked through it. He said if I ever want to go dive to call him up. He also works on computers. He found out that I film and record music. He said to call when I get home and he'll hook me up with a nice computer for a really good price. He said he gets some amazing deals. Last but not least, he used to play guitar and had three pedals that he never uses now because he stopped playing. So he gave me the foot pedals! It was pretty sweet.
We called some former investigators here recently and a few of them said that they'd like to meet with us again. So we have some appointments set up. I'm excited about that.
We've been doing some tracting in the rain lately. Every afternoon almost we get a rainstorm come through...usually with lightning and thunder. We've gotten into a few doors because of it but so far nothing has come of it.
So how are you adjusting to things mom? Is your calendar full of things to do? I bet it feels really different having the house to yourself...but it won't be like that in a few weeks.
Won't it be great when we're all back together again?!
Well, I know this letter is short...but it's already sat too long. I need to get it off.
I love you!
Take care,
Elder Cryer

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