Tuesday, August 9, 2011


August 8, 2011 e-mail
Hey there!
Well....I just checked my last transfer email! I am staying here in Mountain Shadows and Academy but I am getting a new companion. I don't know who he is....yet. His name is Elder Berghoff. It should be fun. He will be "killing me off" as we say here in the mission. Its a weird feeling being this close to the end. It feels so close.....but at the same time it doesn't feel like I'm anywhere near being done! I'm sure I still have a couple weeks before it starts to set in and hit me.
We have been receiving some pretty promising referrals...now we just have to meet with them. Hopefully this week will be filled with that.
We are completely moved into our new apartment now.....everything has a place...finally! It's not a bad place. The entrance and exit to the parking lot is poorly designed though! It's an adventure every time! I think I should save details until I get home! Colorado drivers are crazy! So Ive learned to be aggressive. lol My companions knuckles only turn white every once in a while! ;) No, its really not that bad...but still.
Well, it sounds like you had a fun time at the coast! Either it was really pretty that day.....or I haven't seen the coast in so long that it looks even better than before! You got some nice pics. :) (And I like the new haircut mom....it looks nice on you! ....good choice.) ;)
So...yesterday we had dinner with the Hernandez family in the Academy ward. They have four kids....two boys, and two girls...(haha..they're actually here right now....Liberty just came and said hi. lol you'll understand in a second...)....so, the two girls are nine and like six. Well Liberty, the nine year old, went over to her mom last night and whispered in her ear. Then her mom said "really!....Hmm...Elder Cryer, Liberty thinks you're cute." Well then Liberty got way embarrassed and ran away. A while later she came back and was just standing by where I was sitting. Her mom looked at her and said, "Don't propose to the Elder." It was way funny. Then to make matters worse...the six year old came over and started leaning in like she wanted a kiss! haha Yeah...um....no....! haha So I just kept leaning back so she couldn't reach me. Then she turned around and sat in my lap! I was like, um.....technically this is kinda not allowed but the parents are perfectly aware of what she just did and they aren't doing anything about it! So I guess it's...O.K.? lol She sat there for like five minutes and then got up and went away to play. I was very popular last night with the ladies I guess! It must have been the tie I was wearing! ;)
So...how was the Mennonite bakery? I hear those are supposed to be really good! There was one in Ulysses but it was closed every time we tried to go. :(
Well...I'm about to get kicked off of the computer.
I did print off the girls email...so I will reply to that after I have read it! I'm going to forward this one to them though......so..
Hey Sam and Emma! How is England treating you? I enjoyed reading your last email.....Is it nice and wet over there? lol I bet you two are having way too much fun!
Well, I love you all! have a great week and have fun!
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. oh...we had some crazy guys come to church the last two weeks! lol This last week we had a guy who kept talking about space and energy and the keys of Enoch. From what he says he has a team of guys coming in from LA to film a movie about the keys of Enoch. He was definitely a different fella! lol

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