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April 10, 2010
Hey Hey Hey!
Hmmm...well its been an interesting week. We haven't really had anyone to teach. I'll give you an update in my letter because I don't want to mention any names in the email. We did go and see one less active guy. He's had a rough life and the bishop and his parents really want us to focus on helping him right now.....the goal is to get him on a mission! :) It was funny because we went over to just "visit" with him (so he thought) and we ended up teaching him the first lesson, kinda. We committed him to read and pray every day and all that good stuff. He was like "well I dont want to say yes because I dont want to be a liar". we were like "o.k. well then just say yes and then do it and you won't be a liar!" He eventually said he would. :) So then right before we left we asked when would be a good time to swing by again and "just talk". He told us that work kept him WAY busy and that he couldn't possibly set a time in stone. But we were like "well how about we set up a time and if it doesn't work for some reason you can call us?" He just laughed and said "whatever wont work out though...I'm really busy!" We just said "oh thats about Wednesday at 2:00pm?" He agreed. So then on Saturday night we get a call from him and he says "I dont know how it happened but somehow I got Wednesday at 2:00pm off work!" I wanted to say "Well I could tell you how it happened!" lol but I didn't. :) So we're going over there this Wednesday.
So dad you asked where I email.....its at the church building. We use the family history center.
Other than that one young man we aren't really working with anyone right now. We're working really hard on finding. We do get alot of member referrals. The ward here is awesome! We always have members coming up to us saying "Hey we have a family that says that you can stop by and teach them". The problem is going by when they're home. It seems like alot of people have weird work schedules around here. But we do get quite a few member referrals. Thats basically what Elder L Tom Perrys visit was all about....he focused on the ward mission plans.....and the Calhan and Falcon wards have done a great job putting it into action.
I cant' believe it got so windy up at grandma and grandpas house! I remember that table that you said blew over and it is not light at all! That must have been some strong wind! We do get crazy strong wind here. Its basically always windy but every few days lately we've been getting really strong winds. And its constant too...not just gusts! The other day we were out tracting and the wind was SO bad! We couldn't walk in a straight line if we wanted to! We literally had to fight the wind just to walk. It was pretty insane.
Well thats neat that you and mom got to go to the temple with grandma and grandpa last Saturday. Man, I miss the temple! I can't wait till I get to go! I will get to go when I go on my jubilee when I hit my year mark. (Still five months away) I can't wait. I hear that the Denver temple is really pretty. But sounds like you ate some pretty crazy stuff at that restaurant! Those Pupusas actually sound really good! I am getting alot better at eating different things. Elder Torres is determined to get me to like avocado/guacamole. We'll see how he does! :) There is this one family in the ward that makes the BEST food! He wanted to be a chef when he was in college but changed his mind but boy can he cook! We're going over there next week and he's making us buffalo wings and french fries! MMMMMMmmmmm! I cant wait! :)
So Sams reading Jesus the Christ huh? Yeah I do have that one. I have read a little of it but President Pfile doesn't want us to spend a ton of time in it and so I have to find time aside from study time to read it. So I sometimes read it after I eat lunch or right before bed or something. I havn't gotten to far yet but I am enjoying it.
So Sam....I like your new hair style! Is it easy to manage? It looks great! I actually just cut my hair (for the second time) all by myself. It was getting to that point where I'd wake up and scare Elder Torres because it looked like my hair was flying out to attack him from all sides and so I figured it was time to cut it again! Now its back to the nice, short cut that I like!
Well......Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.......There is a lady in the ward who owns this knitting machine thing and she told me that she would make me something if I wanted and so she is making me a vest! Its going to be medium grey with maroon around the bottom and around the neck. I'm excited for it.
Well I know that there is some stuff that I didn't reply to but I'll do that in my letter!
Thanks for the letters and emails and prayers! I love you. Have a fun week!
Love Ben.

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