Tuesday, April 27, 2010


26 April 2010
Hey! Hows things going? Last week was a good week for me.
So I told you about that referral that we got in my last e-mail. Well,we went to see him and he wasn't home and so we called him and he still really wants to be taught but we found out that he's not in our area and so we have to hand him off to some other elders. Its kinda a bumber for us but hey...at least he's getting
taught! :)
So Elder Greenfield got transfered back to where he came from. I guess an elder went home for depression and so they needed Elder Greenfield to go back. So we just had
him with us for a week. He was awesome.
So last week we were tracting and this girl let us in to teach her. She couldn't believe it because she is trying to get over her alchohol problem and she had been sober for three days but she was about to relapse again and so she was praying for help when we came! She recognized that God had answered her prayer through us. So we taught her and commited her to be baptized when she knew these things were true. She agreed! Then I started talking about the Book of Mormon and she was like..
"Wait.....you guys are Mormon?"
We said, "Yeah".
I guess she (like a lot of other people) have heard some crazy things about Mormons. We answered some of her questions and then she said she would keep an open mind and read and pray. So then we left and about three hours later she called us saying that she had talked to some of her friends. They discouraged her but after we talked with her on the phone she agreed to read and pray some more. Then she will tell us if she wants us to come over and teach her more. So we're waiting to see what happens. We'll probably call her soon and see where she's at.
So you sold the Volvo huh dad? Thats awesome how fast you were able to sell it! Gotta love craigs list! :) I'm sure that LC will love all the attention! Man I miss driving her!
So we got tornados? I so wish I could have seen it. I really hope that I get to see one before my mission is over! Well.....as far as the weather....we have had a bunch of lightning and rain storms. We've had a LOT of high winds and also hail and snow. Its just been alot of everything! Today its nice sunny blue skies and hardly any wind!
Thanks for sharing your studies with me too! It is amazing how opposite we understand the meaning of power as opposed to how the world sees it. I actually taught the gospel principles class yesterday and we were talking about how when we recieve the priesthood we use it only for serving everyone but ourselves. Of course we do recieve blessings as we excercise that power righteously but we can't directly
use the priesthood power for ourselves. Its so true that really the greatest power comes as we come to gain Gods trust.
So mom....I did get your email about my bike. I will call him today and get everything sorted out. Thanks for calling about that for me!
Well today we once again came over to the Barks and made breakfast.
Today brother Barks has the day off and so we are going to do some
stuff with them. We're going on a hike somewhere and then we're going
to help him repair or build some fence. Should be really fun.
Well....I gotta go.
Love you guys! Have an awesome day!
Love Ben

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