Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey Guys!
Hows are things going for you all? They're going good for me! I think I told you in my last e-mail or letter that me and Elder Torres found another person to teach the other day. She is an older lady and is really nice. Did I tell you the whole story in my last letter? Its so hard to keep track of what I've told you about because I write it in my journal plus to you plus to the other people that I'm trying to stay in touch with! It gets very confusing!
So I did have a quick question...where did you get my Hathaway ties? (The ones you sent for Christmas...yellow, blue and pink.) I LOVE that brand of ties and I want to see if I can't find out where they sell them. As far as I know I'm the only missionary in the mission that has that brand and everyone is very jealous! (I'll keep the buying location a secret! ;)
So as you well know...I HATE.....let me re-emphasize that....HATE!!! sandwiches. Well this last week we kept stopping by members houses for lunch and guess what we ate?! Sandwiches. I have had four sandwiches this week! I thought you might be proud of me for that. I just focus really hard on suppressing my gag reflexes and I do alright! :)
So the other day Elder Torres ran our car into a ditch! (I'll put up pics) It was quite the adventure. It was a gravel/dirt road and he tried to take it wide and then spin the car 180 so we could head back the other way but um.....yeah...the tire caught the edge of the ditch and slipped right in. We tried to dig and push it out but we ended up having to call a member and have them come pull us out. We were super muddy by the time it was all done so instead of tracting we had to go change and then head to dinner.
Well....we've had a few potentials drop us and so really our only investigator is that lady that I told you about. Let me know if I told you the whole story of us teaching her because its kind of funny but its too long to write out if I've already told you!
Well they say that the weather will be warming up here soon so I'm excited for that! I'm tired of the snow because it just melts by the next day and then its super muddy!
Well I guess I'll let you all go. I'll get a letter off to you too here either today or tomorrow.
Let me know if there is anything that I'm not filling you in on that you want to know and I'll try and give you some more details! :)
Hope your having a great day and hope you all have a fun FHE! :)
Love you
Love Ben

P.S. I've been eating tomatoes and olives too. The tomatoes are actually growing on me believe it or not (If there not mushy!) and the olives are just gross! :)
Well later peeps!

P.P.S Enjoy the pics! :)

P.P.P.S.The other day (Saturday) we were getting a member to drive us to district meeting because they were going in to town anyways and the driving conditions were terrible! They were definitely white-out conditions. There were a couple times that we couldn't see more than a foot in front of the all we could see was the hood of the van. It was pretty bad. Luckily we all made it safe and sound though. By the time we were coming back it had all cleared up and was nice and sunny.
Well now I gotta go. I'm glad I got your email before I signed off!
Love you!
Love Ben

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