Sunday, April 25, 2010


Dear Family,
Hey everyone! How is your week going? Ours was a little slow teaching wise but good still. We have a new Elder here with us...Elder Greenfield. He joined us on April
14th because his companion (Elder Dixon, who was in my district while I was in La Junta) completed his two years so he went home which, of course, left Elder Greenfield needing a companion. So he's here until the end of the transfer (May5). He's really cool though. We've been getting along great. He's teaching Elder Torres the Rubik's cube and he's going to teach me next.
So last Tuesday we went and helped a family move. They're moving into a house that they're building here in Calhan. We were helping them move furniture and it was so windy! It started out blowing at a steady 30mph with gusts up to 60mph but within about an hour it was pretty much blowing a steady 60mph! It made things a little tricky but we managed.
Also, after dinner that same night we were driving back to our apartment and there was a lightning storm! My first lightning storm on the mission. It was striking about every two seconds. It was way cool to watch. Unlike our storms back home where you see a strike, then eat dinner, take a nap, take out the trash and then it strikes again. And I hear that that storm was nothing compared to some they get here. I hope I get to see a really intense storm!
Oh, funny story. So do you remember C? She's the lady we baptized in February. Anyway, we were in Wal-mart the other day getting Elder Greenfield some food and stuff and I saw her. So while Elder Greenfield was picking between brands Elder Torres and I went over to say hi.
I said, "Hi," and then went to shake her hand and she just gave me a big hug instead!
Then she did the same thing to Elder Torres! We're not really supposed to do that so we were both just hoping no members saw it! I mean, it wasn't our fault! C is awesome though. She loves the gospel and is way sincere.
O.K. so since we're on the subject of females...yesterday at church I got attacked by the Beehives! I guess that the word somehow got to them the I have candy on me when I'm at church and so they all came wanting some. I gave them each a piece and then within two minutes they were all back wanting more! I gave them each one more piece and then, although they continued to beg, I told them that they would have to wait until next week. It was funny. I love the youth in both wards here! They are all awesome!
So Emma, you asked if I did anything for April Fools Day. The answer is no. First of all I didn't really have time to think of anything and second...Elder Torres doesn't really like practical jokes, so I figured I would play it safe.
I liked that quote on obedience....
"When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power."
It's really true. I've noticed that alot on my mission. He does give, or endow us with power as we obey the rules...even the small ones that seem dumb or irrelevant. Sometimes I think the only reason we have a rule is to see if we'll follow it even when we don't understand it. Obedience tells a lot about a person.
Guess what? It's actually starting to turn green. Most all the yards are starting to show some green. It rained yesterday, which should help even more. Elder Greenfield showed me a picture the other day of when he was in the Valley zone near a place called 'Rough Creek Falls' I think he said. Man it was pretty! Green, mountains, boulders, waterfalls etc. I would love to serve there at one point.
Thanks so much mom for those 'Gems of Brigham Young'. I've been excited to get that. I've had time to read through it once but not mark anything so I'm going to read through it again.
Yeah, I'm still staying happy and working hard despite our almost empty teaching pool. I know that the Lord is preparing people for us to teach. We just need to keep preparing so that when we do find them we'll be ready and able to teach them.
Oh, tell the Francis family congrats for me. That is really exciting for them that they got to be sealed.
Sounds like Emma gave a great lesson on the Atonement. It is amazing how all encompassing it is, isn't it?
What??? You've been craving pizza parlor pizza? How?...Why?...
Yeah, next month when I get money I think I'm going to buy the stuff to make some pizza. It's a little expensive but I probably won't survive without it.
Well, that's about all the news I've got. Hope all is still well back home. Have an awesome week! Love you all.
Love Ben

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