Wednesday, April 21, 2010


April 19, 2010
Hey guys!
Well its been a good week. We got a referral a couple days ago from the Elders down in Pueblo West saying that they taught a guy and he said if he knew it were true he would be baptized. Then they found out that he lives in our area! So we have to go and teach him and get him baptizzled! :)
So a few days ago the three of us (We now have Elder Greenfield who I told you about in the letter that I wrote this morning.....I'll send it off today!) were out tracting and we rode up to this one persons house and before we even got off our bikes this lady comes out and says in a very irritated voice "Can I help you?" We were like "yeah!" so we told her who we were and stuff and she said something that has been cracking the three of us up ever since! She said in a very serious, stern voice: "I do not want you on my property...I want you off my property." After we left we were just cracking up! "Oh you don't want us on your property, you want us off of it....thank you so much for clarifying!" It was really funny.
So it looks like the girls had fun at the tulip farm. They might as well move in because they're at that place so much! I like the pics though! Looks fun.
Oh so also the other day we were having trouble with our CD player in the car. It hadn't been working for a few days and we really wanted to listen to some music while we drove and so we're all three sitting in the car and Elder Torres decides to try slamming the area around the CD player to try and jog it back into working order. He did it a few times and still nothing. I was like "Here...let me show you how its done" and so I dramatically got ready and positioned just right and then I slammed and yelled "BAM!" and then we heard the CD start to spin and the music began playing! Elder Torres and Greenfield just looked at me in amazement and started cracking up and saying "I don't believe it! Thats so stupid! How did you do that?!" It was way funny.
So mom did you ever talk to dad about my bike? Its still working alright but I was just wondering if I could get a free tune up or something!
Well, I got more updates and stories but they're in my letter!
Man, by the looks of those pics it looks nice and green still there at home! I can't wait until it's that green here. I hear it does get pretty green.
Well have a good, fun week! I hope things are going good for you all!
Tell grandma and grandpa hi for me and tell em I love em! And the rest of the family whenever you talk to them!
How are the Masons doing? I need to write to them again and see whats up! Tell them Hi for me as well would ya! Thanks
Well...I Love you! :) Take care
Love Ben.

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