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April 5, 2010
Dear Family,
Thanks for your letters Sam and Emma! Sounds like that was a great fireside Emma. Lot's of good points and things to think about. I liked that question..."How do you stay faithful in a faithless world?" Because, really, that's the key. Staying faithful. And we do that by applying the atonement every day. I'm pretty sure that if we are applying the atonement everyday we will have the strength to stay faithful. Like Richard G. Scott said in General Conference, "If we build on the atonement we will be alright, no matter how severely the world is shaken."
Well, Sam, your done with winter term! SWEET! Let me got "A"s in all your classes.
So what did you do for spring break? Anything way fun? I had a great spring break! I spread the gospel!
O.K. so I tried your amazing "hiccups be gone" trick the other day and it really does work! You are amazing! We were out tracting and I suddenly got the hiccups and so I thought, "Hmmmm, what's 763 divided by 5.5? Then by the time I gave up on the problem they were all gone! So thanks for telling me that was inspired.
Man, General Conference was awesome wasn't it. I took 11 pages of notes! Both sides filled on each page! I think a mission helps you to really appreciate conference. I was looking forward to each session!
So the other day I ate a deviled egg and sun dried tomato pizza. Neither one was too bad but I didn't really enjoy the deviled egg too much! Not really my thing. But the pizza was good. I've been craving some home-made pizza lately. I'll have to make it here soon or I may die!
So, guess what! The other day we were driving down Hwy 24 at 65mph when the straps holding my bike to the bike rack snapped and my bike came flying off! Luckily the truck behind us missed it! So we stopped the car as quick as we could and I jumped out to get it. Amazingly it didn't get to much damage. The handle bars are a little scratched and the seat got torn on the side but it still switches gears and rides fine. The back wheel did get a little bent so I have no back brakes at the moment but we have an extra bike wheel in the apartment that should work. But I was glad it's still ridable!
So, we were tracting the other day and the weirdest thing happened. We knocked on this one door and a younger guy answered. There were a few people in the house. Anyway, I introduced Elder Torres and I and then said, "We're sharing a message about how you and your family can be together forever, even after this life, and what you need to do to make that happen. Is that something we could share with you?"
He said that we could and so I asked if we could come in and share it with him.
"Oh, no man, I'm kinda busy right now," he said.
I was a little confused at this point but I just said, "Oh, well is there a better time we could come back?"
He said, "Yeah man, that'd be best."
So I asked, "Well, when would be good?"
Then he said, "Um...right now's fine."
Yeah, I was confused too!
So then Elder Torres tells him that we like to begin our lessons by saying a prayer and asks him if that would be alright. He kind of gave us the 'are you joking' look and then said, "Sure, whatever."
So, there we are on this guys doorstep and Elder Torres says the prayer. Just a few seconds before he finishes the prayer I peaked open my eyes because I heard the door shutting. Sure enough he backed up and shut the door. Elder Torres hadn't heard and so when he opened his eyes and saw the shut door he looked over at me like 'what happened?' and then looked back at the door...then we heard the guy start laughing inside. I just said, "I guess he's not interested," and we walked away. It was so weird!
So then we were finishing up our tracting and heading back to the car and I turn to my left and see a Pitt Bull a few hundred yards away and he's running straight towards us....teeth bared. I didn't think much of it because dogs run at us and bark and growl at us everyday. Of course, they're almost always behind a fence. Well, I quickly realize that there is no fence between us and this angry dog. He was running so fast though that he slipped when he came to the loose gravel road we were on. I think that startled him a little because he scrambled to his feet and ran away...but he turned right back around and did it again. This time he got closer to me (I was closest to him this whole time) and I thought for sure he would try to bite me. For some reason though through all of this my heart rate didn't change a beat...I think it should have but it didn't! Anyway, he kept snapping at me, getting a little closer each time and then finally his owner noticed what was going on and called...well, more like screamed him away from us. It was a very exciting adventure!
So, one more story for you. This happened a couple weeks ago. In the morning I don't hear Elder Torres' alarm because it's too quiet (and I don't have mine set to go off right now because it bugs him for some reason) but I wake up when I hear him get out of bed. And so this one morning I hear him moving around and so I roll out of bed onto my knees and say my prayers, then I get up and go into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and the figured I'd go wait in the office while Elder Torres showered (because he likes to shower first). So I walk into the office and look at the phone and it says 2:34 am. WHAT! Now I'm confused...and really tired still. Then I hear Elder Torres get up and come out. When he spoke I thought he said, "Let's get going." I was thinking, it's 2:34 am. So I asked, "Where are we going?"
He looked at my weird and then said, "How's it going?"
OH! I understood now. "It's going good," I said then we both didn't say another word and just went to bed. The next morning we were talking about it and I guess I had just heard him get back from the bathroom but I thought he was just getting up. When I got up and brushed my teeth Elder Torres said he was laying in bed thinking, "What the heck is Elder Cryer doing?" and that's why he got back up! It was really funny. Very confusing for poor tired me.
Well, that's about all the news I have for you. Most all of our investigators have dropped us...although Kaye just dropped us for a week and so we should be going back there this week sometime. We're also working with a less active boy, trying to get him to go on a mission. He's had a hard life but has had a change of heart towards the church so we're teaching him the missionary lessons in hopes to get him active again and out on a mission. He's a really nice guy...really good with people...he'd make an awesome missionary.
Well, I love you all lots! Keep having a great week!
Take care...
Love Ben

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