Saturday, March 26, 2011


21 March 2011 e-mail
Hey everyone!
Things are good here in Liberal. How are things for you? We've been enjoying some nice weather. Yesterday it was up in the 80's. Just the way I like it!
We had a good day at church yesterday. There were three random people there! I guess that they really enjoy listening to Glenn Beck and they were curious about Mormonism because of him and so they decided to try it out. It was perfect too because the second hour class was all about the restoration. It worked out perfectly. Hopefully we'll be able to meet back up with them and teach them more.
So, on Friday after district meeting me and Elder Clark headed to Hugoton to do team ups for the weekend. It was SO awesome to be back in my old area. Still feels like home! We (Me and Elder Brownlow) had dinner with the Greenwoods...My all time favorite family in Hugoton. It was great to be back and see how they were all doing.
While we were in Hugoton tracting, me and Elder Brownlow were able to teach a guy on his doorstep. It was interesting. We committed him for baptism and he accepted. Its funny how many different situations we're required to teach in.
It was really fun to serve with Elder Smith again. Just like old times! We mostly tracted and talked.
So how has Jackson been doing? I know that might seem like a funny question but I was just wondering about him this morning.
I think that I'm going to go by JC Penney's today and try to buy me a new pair of tracting pants...and maybe one or two shirts if I have enough. One of my belt loops busted on my pants (No, I'm not getting fatter) and so I had to sew it up, but those pants are WAY worn! I want to get the same pair just I'll see if they can do that.
Well....not much else is new with me. I'll be doing team ups with the Guyman Elders here pretty soon so I'll let you know how that goes.
Well, Love ya
Take Care
Love Elder Cryer

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