Saturday, March 26, 2011


March 21, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Things are going great for me here in Liberal. My mission is seeming shorter each day. That could have to do with the fact that it is shorter each day...but you get my point.
So, you may already know this but our new Mission President was announced a few days ago. His name is President Anderson. What's crazy is that he is from Great Falls Montana...the same place that President and Sister Pfile are from. And he is a salesman, just like President Pfile. So far it sounds like we're getting another President Pfile. I can't believe that we get a new Mission President in two and half or three months. That's going to seem so weird.
Tomorrow is Elder Clarks b-day. He turns 20! So we've been celebrating today. He got a package from home with lots of stuff. He got some party hats and whistles and so we've been having fun. He gave me a transformers wristband that he got four of.
Well, thanks for your letter Emma. Yes, someone from Ulysses took us out to lunch. I've had lots of people offer. Elder Clark loves it! Serving in the same area with two other Elders has been pretty fun. It definitely makes p-day a little more interesting. And yes, it is nice to knock on some new doors. I swear I knocked every door in Ulysses and Hugoton at least three times. So to have some new turf is kind of exciting. I wouldn't be surprised if your right about the knuckle prints in the doors.
So how is the garden doing this year? Is is as big as usual?
Hey mom and dad...what would you say if I told you that I could get a free huskey puppy and a free kitten? Just curious!
Well, this evening we had dinner with a family in the ward. When I walked in I saw a girl that I recognized. I could tell she recognized me too. Her name is Morgan...that girl that can speak a bunch of different languages and play music. I met her in Hugoton a long time ago. When I walked in she was like, "Hey, Elder Cryer! Guess what?! I want to be baptized!"
I guess she is showing interest in baptism. She even asked if I would baptize her.
Well, I want to get this sent off to you all so I'll wrap it up.
I hope all is well back home with work and school and everything else.
Take care,
Love you all,
Love Elder Cryer

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