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March 16, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, before I forget to mention it, the person who got baptized in cold water was a young man by the name of Cody. He is twelve. He's actually getting confirmed today (we got permission from President Pfile) so he can get the priesthood this Sunday. We're excited.
We've been really busy lately. We have a bunch of people that we're working with. Five that are working towards baptism.
Our branch President herE is really nice. On Monday we just stopped in and he fed us a HUGE steak! It was almost the size of my plate, no joke, and about an inch and a half thick...maybe two. It was so good. Then the next day we went with him to see a less active member and they weren't there. I guess that she works at Applebee's and so President said, "Well Elders, it looks like you know where we're going to dinner tonight." So he took us out to eat. I got a cowboy burger. Dang, it was good! Then get this...we're going to his house again tonight because he invited us to eat a BBQ dinner tonight. He is awesome and really eager to help with the work.
That's awesome that you all got to have breakfast with a General Authority. Elder Gong sounds like a great man. That's neat that he was able to talk about anything. That's like you dad! That's a skill I want to acquire. I'm not very good at that.
Wow, Emma! You sold your first batch of cards to a General Authority! That's something that not everyone can say!
It sounds like you had way too much fun at Natalie's house on Friday. Almost a full bottle of root-beer? You two must have been bouncing off the walls! So what music did you listen to? What's your favorite song these days?
That's good that you want to stay in shape. It feels way better to be healthy! I imagine that your right about us missionaries. Some only use the car so they get out of shape. But we get a lot of walking in. And we ride bikes a lot. Two days ago me and Elder Clark rode about 20 miles in a day just going to and from appointments.
All our snow is gone. Today we're told it's supposed to get up to 90 degrees. It keeps jumping from cold to hot. I just want it to stay hot! As soon as it gets hot to stay I'll probably put together a package to send home.
Elder Clark is cool. He's a fun guy to serve with.
You asked how transfers work. Normally we get an e-mail the day before transfers that tells us what's happening. But if your going into a leadership position, like I did, then you get an extra days notice. The AP's will call you and tell you to call President at whatever time. When you have to call President right before transfers you can pretty much count on the fact that your going into leadership or training.
I like your cartoon. I was looking for the big mistake you told me to look for. The only thing that jumped out right when I looked at it was that the shading should be on the other side of everything because of where the sun is. Was that it? That's all I could see wrong with it. But it's still dang good!
Well, your right Sam....I have had some exciting changes recently. I'm still adjusting but it's starting to feel more normal. There's still a little bit of me left in Ulysses and Hugoton. Man, I love those places.
That stinks that you weren't able to go to the Saturday session of Stake Conference. I've heard those are always the best as well, I'm glad your feeling better now.
So, your brushing up on math huh? I'm scared to see how much I've forgotten! Keep'll get it!
That's sweet that you all got a little ice-cream maker. I'll want to try that when I get back! That 'salty dog' ice-cream sounds interesting. It sounds different but was it good? A salty, sweet ice-cream?
That's funny that you have 50lbs of brown sugar. That should last you a little while! I guess it's better to have more rather than not enough, right?
What?! The P.T. is in the hospital again? That's crazy! I hope this new part will fix it.
I had to laugh when I read the 'mug' story. It was meant to stay! I think I do remember dad telling me that the GP mug was his favorite. And now you got Emma attached to it! That's way funny.
Well mom, you asked what has changed now that I'm a DL. Well, I have to call every companionship in the district (there are three besides Elder Clark and I) and get any updates from that day and then report on that to the ZL's. Every Sunday I have to get weekly totals for lessons and ITL's and tracting and all that. That takes a long time. Last Sunday I was on the phone until 11:20. I was exhausted.
It has definitely caused me to step it up even more because I have people looking up to me and I want to set a good example for them.
I am also a lot more concerned for everyone in the district. I want to help them improve themselves and their areas. I want them to have success. I try to receive revelation for what they need and then address it during district meeting. I have to prepare a two hour district meeting every week.
But, like you guessed, I am still working very hard to find and teach people. That focus is still there. I think I feel it (the need for urgency) a little more than everyone else I live with because I'm about a year ahead of everyone here. I want to help them catch the vision of urgency. I don't want to waste time.
Well, I better get this off to you.
Love you all a bunch!
Love Elder Cryer

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