Thursday, March 10, 2011


March 7 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
So I told you about Cody's baptism that happened last night. It was awesome.
On Sunday we had Stake Conference. I got to see a bunch of people from Ulysses and Hugoton which made me really happy. They were all saying things like, "Elder Cryer! Where did you go." and "You know you can't leave." and "Was it something I said?" It was so good to see them. I've had a ton of people say that they'll call when they come through Liberal and they'll take us out to eat. We actually got taken to lunch today by someone in Ulysses. The other Elders are impressed.
So, I don't know if you know this or not but there are four of us living in the apartment. Me, Elder Clark, Elder Varella, and Elder Shiveley. It's fun being in a bigger city with more people. I've met some cool families here in Liberal. We're not getting fed nearly as consistantly as in Ulysses and Hugoton but hopefully I can fix that. It is nice to be able to knock some new doors. In Ulysses and Hugoton I could tell you about every door we knocked (which I knocked every door at least two times, but most I knocked about five times I'd say.)
Well Emma, it sounds like you've been getting some good babysitting in lately. I bet the kids love you.
Man, that's neat about trying to sell your cards. That would be awesome. You could be famous! Hey, if you wanted to send me a few blank b-day cards(well, I would want you to draw on them and all, but yeah) that would be cool. I'm trying to send b-day cards to recent converts and other awesome members and stuff.
It was neat to hear about the baptism that you played piano at. Was he found by the missionaries? That's a pretty intense equation that Caleb came up with. The response you gave him cracked me up.
So you were shocked and yet un-suprised that I got transferred? Same here! I knew it would happen I just didn't know when. It has been a bit of a challenge leaving but the Lord has helped me alot. And he didn't move me too far! I would not be suprised if I never serve in Colorado Springs. I'm O.K. with that too. I'll go where the Lord needs me, but I would love to finish my mission here in Kansas.
Sam you mentioned that you still pray for the S family. I really appreciate that. I really do hope that some day they come back. I think about them all the time. It's amazing being a missionary. I think the Lord gives us such an increased capacity to love and remember. I still think about people from my very first area. Even people that I only taught a couple times. Without looking at any old notebooks or anything I can remember names and situations. It is a blessing and a burden. I think about a lot of people each day. So it means a lot to me that you keep these people in your prayers. They are such special people.
That would be cool to work at a publishing house. What exactly would you do?
No revisions on Charlie Pool!? How am I supposed to get my own signed a published copy?
Yes mom, I did get the note about Carson going to Brazil. Thanks! I actually got an e-mail from Jay Rowberry today. I guess he's in Tampa Florida waiting on his visa. Then he'll head to Brazil too.
I can't wait to go visit grandpa and grandma! They're awesome. I'm glad that they are doing good. Tell them to keep it up!
Well, let's see....what else?
You asked about my new companion, Elder Clark. He's cool. I guess that he's from Idaho and has two older sisters and no brothers. He's a neat guy...easy to get along with.
Elder Varella and Elder Shiveley are fun too. Elder Varella's from Brazil and Elder Shiveley is from Utah.
Our apartment is three stories. We have the basement with two weight benches and a washer and dryer. Then we have ground level with the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and living room. Then the upstairs story with a bathroom and two bedrooms. It's pretty nice.
Well, that's my news!
Love you all a ton!
Elder Cryer

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