Saturday, March 26, 2011


16 March 2011 e-mail
Hey Family!
Things are starting to go a little smoother here in Liberal. We're not getting lost and turned around as much anymore! We've been able to meet a bunch of cool people. We have a few people with baptismal dates right now. I hope that we're able to help them feel the spirit and become can bless their lives so much!
You asked if I've been able to spend much time on,,,,,I have been able to look around a little bit. It's pretty neat. I've been able to watch a few of the "I'm a Mormon" videos which I think are really cool. We really don't get much response off of those here in Kansas because they only have the advertisements and commercials for them in Springs. But I guess they've had some cool success stories off of it in Springs. We still pass out the "I'm a Mormon" cards here though.
So, I had to laugh about the Marmite story! Dang...if a dog wont even eat it I don't think I'd go near it! :) It sounds a lot like the time that me and dad tried to make gravy! Remember that dad? :) Jackson gave almost the exact same response!
Oh, the reason that I'm e-mailing today instead of Monday is because one of the other Elders that we live with had a meeting in springs that he had to go to and so the Zone leaders told us that we should all take P-day together so to wait until Wednesday. So that's the reason for that.
Well...the whole District leader thing is going pretty good. The worst part about it is call-ins. Sunday is the worst. I have to gather all the stats from the whole district and then report to the ZL's. They have so many people calling in and so it can take a little while. This last Sunday I was up and on the phone until 11:20pm. I was beat! Other than that its not to bad. There is a little bit more stress though. I find that I'm thinking about all the Elders in the district and how I can best help them and their investigators. Its definitely a learning experience!
Well...I'll give ya some good ol updates in my letter which I should be writing later today!
Love ya all! Keep on keepin on!
Love Elder Cryer

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