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March 28, 2011 e-mail
Whats up wit my fam?!?!?!?! Hows everything going? I started a letter to you all this morning so I'll try not to repeat myself!
So life here in Liberal is still moving forward. The weather has been less than awesome lately though. Yesterday it rained, and today is freezing cold with some more rain/mist. Not my type of ideal weather but at least its P-day today so we can stay inside for the most part. Elder Smith and Elder Brownlow (who are serving in my hometown....well, Ulysses and Hugoton) are coming to spend some of P-day with us. I invited the Guyman Elders as well so we'll see if they end up coming. Other than that P-day should go as they usually do.....slow. :)
So transfers is about here again. We find out next P-day what is happening. I have talked to a few of the members and they are positive that I'm dying in Liberal. So we'll see if they're right. It is very possible since I only have five months left. I kind of have the feeling that I'm going leave Liberal before the end of my mission though. Its hard to tell. But I'll do whatever they tell me to I guess!
Hopefully we have some people throughout the district that are going to need to be interviewed for baptism soon. I still haven't done a baptismal interview yet so that will be exciting!
Well I was terribly sorry to hear that you did not gain the coveted title of 'Reigning Yahtzee Champ". I cant believe that you lost it twice! What happened? ;) She must be staying up late practicing.
I am really glad to hear that none of our friends were hurt over in Japan. I heard that its quite a bad mess over there. No missionaries were hurt though is what I was told which is quite a miracle. Did anything end up hitting the west coast at all? I was told that they sounded the tsunami alarm but nothing ever hit. I was also told that one man literally was scared to death by the sound of the alarm. I don't know if that's true or not though.
What?!?!? Portland got a tornado warning? Whats up with that? I'm the one in Kansas! I am dying to see a tornado. I have to see one before I leave.
Dang, no way! Jordan got his call now too! That is awesome! Why am I the odd one out? I came to Kansas! Although the thing that stinks is that Carson leaves in July, Jordan leaves in August, and then I get home. That means I can't see them for FOUR YEARS!!!
That's awesome though. Its great to hear that my friends are going on missions.
Yeah, it was awesome to be back in Hugoton. I'm pretty lucky to have only been transferred 30 miles. Because your right....not many missionaries get to go back to their old areas, especially while still on their missions.
So how did you all know about pancake day? Did you know about it because I'm in Liberal Kansas? (Congrats by the way on your pancake flippin skills!)
Speaking of Liberal Kansas. We found a member who works at Dorthy's house and so they're going to give us a tour one of these P-days. I'll get to walk the yellow brick road!
I have found that sketching is a nice way for me to relax now that I'm without my guitars and violin.
Well, that's about all the updates that I can think of right now that I haven't talked about in my letter which I'll be sending here shortly so I guess I'll head off.
Thanks for everything! Love you all!
The church is true! Book of Mormon is awesome!
Love Elder Cryer.

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