Wednesday, July 6, 2011


June 27, 2011 e-mail
Hey everyone! Its me again!
Well I cant wait to hear all about Emma's birthday! I enjoyed the pics! It looks like everyone is doing great! I still cant believe that Emma is 16 though. That's too crazy! my card made it huh? I'm glad to hear that. It was never post marked? I guess you can just re-use the envelope! :) Just kidding. Well at any rate...I'm glad it made it home. Those things are kinda pricey...I don't want to have to buy another one! lol
Ah yes....the Winlock egg day parade. :) With a fly over and everything huh? Man, they went all out for you! I'll attach a couple pics of a fly over that I got to see! The T-birds! They were having some special ceremony at one of the bases and so they flew right over our apartment! It was sweet.
Sounds like you all had a fun celebration at Gma and Gpas too. I wished you a Happy Fathers day in my last letter but I don't think it's arrived, HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!
Oh, and yes....I have had to crawl under houses, over houses, around houses, through crawl spaces in houses.......the works! I've done it all. (Knock on wood!)
Well the work is moving forward here....we've been getting lots of people to teach. And...the sisters have been working in our area too, so they've been giving us lots of referrals. Its been nice. I'll write more in my letter that Ill try to get off tomorrow.
Love you all....I'm about to get signed off!
Have a great week! Cant wait to hear all about it!
Love Elder Cryer

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