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July 5, 2011 e-mail
!*!*!*!*!*!*!HAPPY LATE 4TH!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!
We had a good fourth of July. We spent a lot of the day with a less active family (who are AWESOME by the way!) and their recent convert friend was with them as well. They took us out to play disk golf. It was very hot but we had a blast. They say I'm a pro! lol I don't know about that. But it is really fun. My neck is nice and red! I got some sun. :) I'm O.K. with that though...because I love the sun. Then they invited us to their BBQ with another member family. We had ribs and fruit and chips and pop and beans.....Mmmmm! It was So good! I'm tellin' you....these two families are awesome!
We also did do a little tracting but no one wanted to talk to us! lol (I wonder why? Hmm....lets, fireworks, music, .....or talk to two Mormon missionaries?.....yeah.) was a good day. I got to see some fireworks from our apartment window! Colorado, well Springs area had a firework ban because its been so dry. But not everyone obeyed that....and the air force academy was allowed to put on a show. I also called some families from old areas and wished them happy 4ths! It was great talking to them.
Sounds like your parade was fun.....busy but fun. :) I don't know if any parade can ever beat Greenville's parade. Yeah, sure, it was small and hillarious....but it was the most memorable parade Ive ever been to! lol you had to sleep with the dog in your own house?!?!?! Not gonna lie...that is very sad. :) Haha ~ That cracked me up. I can just see it! Ive only ever seen Sam and Emma and Mom sleep on the floor. I don't think Ive ever seen you do that! That would have been a priceless sight!
Well the work is moving along here. We have a bunch of potential people that we are trying to get to the investigator stage. We should have some solid investigators here pretty soon.
Well, we got P-day today....with a little service mixed in. Should be a good..busy day. :) Maybe Ill have time for a nap...but I doubt it!
I have some cool stories to tell you in my being looking forward to those!
Well I had better run....
Love you all! Have a great day...and week!
Love Elder Cryer

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