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July 18, 2011 e-mail
Hey Everyone!
So our plum tree just fell over?!?!?!?!?! Dang, that's a bummer. Those were tasty. So now we have no fruit trees in the yard right? Just the apple and pear trees in the garden. I guess it was just too darned heavy. lol Are those apple and pear trees producing fruit yet?
Wait......whats this about a date!? Emma going on her first date! I better hear ALL about this! ;) haha That's exciting. I looked through the pics on the card just now. It looks like Emma's B-day was lots of fun! Got a good group of friends there. lol Man, I still cant believe my sister is 16! LOL
Poor Jackson. That was such a sad story. I feel sorry for the poor guy! lol That had to be a much less than enjoyable experience. lol He'll probably never step foot in there again! I know I wouldn't! haha So I cant blame him. lol
90Lbs huh? I remember everyone would always mention what a big dog he was. lol We saw a golden retriever the other know those sheep or whatever that are as wide as they are long and tall? Well......this dog fit that category! lol It was one fat dog. Very friendly though.
We have a few families we are working with right now. A single man, a single lady, a young married couple, and a single mom with two kids. We are working really hard with these people. Trying to make daily contact. They are all so awesome and would be great members! We went over to the single moms home (She was a referral) and she told us that she was not really interested right now because she was so busy. She said she had no time for church right now. We asked what we could help her with. She said, "Well, there is one thing I could use help with." She needed a coupler swings hung up for her kids. So we got the swings and went to work. The kids quickly came out and of course loved us immediately because we were putting up their swings that they'd been dying to swing on. We got that job done and then the littlest boy begged us to help him catch a grasshopper. lol So, we assisted him there (It ended up being three that we know how the "just one more" card works) And then we saw the mom out front doing some raking, and shoveling, and sweeping. We went out front and helped her for about two hours. We ended up having a great conversation with her (and I got two blisters). By the time we finished she was like "You know guys are awesome! What time is church at?" We told her and she said, "I'm going to try to come to all three hours....I think I can make time". Its amazing what service will do. And its fun! I love doing service. Some nice hard manual labor is actually pretty enjoyable. lol
I love you all! Things are going great here...we are staying busy. lol The wards here are awesome at helping fill our schedule. :)
I hope all stays well at home!
Love Elder Cryer!

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  1. Thank you for posting Elder Cryer's e-mails. My son, Jordan Hakes, is his companion right now and I enjoy reading Elder Cryer's account of their week. Elder Hakes also has a sister named Emma.