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July 11, 2011 e-mail
Hello everyone!
Guess what!?!?!? We got a new mission president...and the gospel is STILL true! :) We met with President and Sister Anderson on Thursday. They are very nice. Very different from the Pfiles...but very good. I sat down with President Anderson and he said, "Alright Elder long have you been out?" I said "Um...22 months." He looked up and said "Oh! should be interviewing me!" lol It was funny. I was glad to see that he had a sense of humor. I need that! That is one thing that I loved about the Pfiles. They knew when to be serious...but boy did they know when to have fun! :) President Anderson is from Kalamazoo Michigan which is where Elder Murphy is from. I don't know that I ever told you much about Elder Murphy...but I had him as a district leader and a zone leader. He was a really good missionary. Well, I found out that President Anderson set him apart as a missionary! So we talked about him for a minute too! lol
President Anderson wants this mission to focus on three things.
1) We need to be a PMG mission.
2) Daily review our purpose as a missionary and D&C 4.
3) Establish an atmosphere of love, respect, and trust.
I know that this mission will do great things with him as our mission President. One thing that he said that I really appreciated was that he doesn't want to take away from what the Pfiles did. He wants to build upon it.
Well....sounds like you had a fun week!
So the pirates movie is a good one huh? They just keep coming out with more and more! lol I'm glad they're still good. Nothing can beat Cap'n Jack Sparrows entrance in the first movie though. lol That's the best scene out of all of them!
There is a Thai restaurant here as well that we keep meaning to try. We just haven't gotten around to it. There is a guy in the ward here who takes us out every Wednesday to see recent move ins, less actives, and part members. He always takes us to lunch before. The Thai restaurant is on the list of 'go to' places. Ill have to check for pineapple rice when we go. :)
Ah...the good ole pump. It always seems to work........e...v...e...n...t...u...a...l...l...y...! lol Not the funnest process in the world...but well worth it in the end. haha
That family that lives above us cooked again last night! I love when they do that! They brought us more meat, potatoes, and grilled onions. :) Then later the kids brought us these shortbread snickerdoodle cookies. Very good. I LOVE that family now! :)
So, the mission is moving us to a new apartment by the end of the month sometime. They sent us apartment shopping the other day. At first we were told to find a place around a thousand a month. So we did....we found a lot actually. They were all averaging about $700 to $800 a month. Well then after a few hours of that, and after feeling very good about some of the places we found, we got a call. "Actually it has to be about $500 a month." So there went everything that we had found. :( They want to get us in a better neighborhood but I don't know that they can do that for only $500 a month. That's like where we're at now. But I'll keep you updated so you know of any address changes. :)
Well, we had an investigator at church yesterday! It was great. He had to take off early because he has some bad back problems. We have an appointment set up with him for tomorrow. He has a baptismal date for the 24th! He is an older single guy. Very cool.
We have been getting some awesome afternoon thunder and lightning storms. LOTS of heavy rain. The rain doesn't stay heavy for long....but its cool while it lasts. Yesterday there was a really good storm right as we got out of church.
We had dinner with a really nice family yesterday. The conversation reminded me of a conversation that I'd have with grandpa. :) This guy had a Phd in physics! lol We talked about stars...their birth, life, death, what makes them different. We talked about black holes....nuclear reactions....all sorts of stuff. It was very fascinating! Don't know how much I it was neat. He did a lot of work on Star Wars and also came up with the technology used today to diagnose cancer! Quite an interesting guy. :)
Well....I'm about to get signed off! lol I got quite a bit typed up though...I'm impressed with myself! haha jk jk
Well, Love you all!
I am doing great....
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. Tell Bro Bullock hello back for me! :)

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