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January 10, 2011 e-mail
Hey Familia!!!
I'm back.....and I have news! That's right...transfers has come and it has gone. The question is 'am I e-mailing from Ulysses or somewhere else?' Are you ready for the answer.
Well lets see...what else can I talk about to make the suspense a little more intense?! will find a picture attached. I've been wanting to make P-day a little more fun/interesting and so I decided to buy a sketch book. This is a picture of the Savior that I drew in about an hour. Its still not quite done but its getting really close! I'm thinking about making copies of it and giving a copy of it to each family that I baptize. I don't know....its just an idea. I want to keep drawing so that hopefully I can get better.
What else is new....ahh yes. I got my teeth cleaned today and guess what?!?!?! I have two small cavities. :( So I go in on the 18th to get some fillings. Now are you ready for the best part? The dentist is a member so I get everything done for free!!! I love being a missionary! :) Today was the first day my teeth have been cleaned in a year and a few months. Ewww! ;)
So thanks for your e-mail!!!
What kind of pictures needed explaining? Were there a bunch that you didn't get? I'm glad that you enjoyed some of them!
It sounds like your ward conferences have been going really well. It sounds like there's lots of good stuff being talked about! The focus on the plan of salvation is interesting because that's what we just talked about on Sunday as well. What are the odds? There is a lot to the plan of salvation but its really very simple at the same time. It is very interesting to me how everything in the gospel seems to be that way. Every principle or topic has so many layers of understanding. It seems like just when we think we know it all we catch a glance at a deeper meaning, something we never noticed or thought about before, which sends us off on another search for more truth and light. God has such a masterful way of teaching on an individual level.
Thats awesome that Nathan has decided to go on a mission. Speaking of missionary work, I can't believe that you told me that Carson got his call but you wont tell me where he's going! He better get a letter off to me soon because I'm dying to know where he got called to. He will love his mission.
Thanks for the pics that came with the e-mail. I always love getting pictures. I was wondering. I wanted to show Elder Smith that video of Emma and Natalies magic show that they did but I can't find it in my emails. Could you send it again do you think? That would be awesome.
Well...we have two new people with baptismal dates and we had two people come to church. I love seeing people take action! We've got some good stuff going on right now.
There is snow on the ground here. Its been snowing all day. Its supposed to get down to about 25 degrees tomorrow with wind chill factors down to about -15 F (Yes, negative fifteen!) That should be lots of fun!
So today is NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! GO DUCKS! You'll have to let me know how they do. I hope the win!
Well......I cant think of anything else right at the moment.
I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!
Love you all,
Love Elder Cryer!

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