Saturday, January 22, 2011


January 11, 2011 letter
Dear Family,
Right now I'm sitting in the dentist office waiting for Elder Smith to get his filling. Sorry for the messy handwriting. I'm sitting in a chair with no desk.
At the moment it is -3 degrees outside. There is snow on the ground. I've been told that the high for the day is about 24 degrees with a wind chill facto of down to -15. This should be fun day to be out! I've got my thermals on!!
So can you believe that I'm in Ulysses again?! This will make it about nine months here. All the members here are amazed! They say no one has stayed this long in a long, long time. I don't fully understand why I'm still here but I do know that ther's work to be done so I guess I'll just get busy!
Thanks for the note you wrote to the Sieberts, mom. I have not gotten it to them yet because we haven't been able to meet up with them yet but I should be giving it (along with a few other things from members here) to them tonight I hope.
So who are the teens that you're teaching piano to now? That's neat that Emma gets to help out with that. I bet she enjoys it. (Am I right Emma?)
So, Emma, how is your cruise/England fund coming? Are you going to make it?
And Sam, how are you enjoying driving?! Are you rearin' up the roads?! I bet you enjoy being able to come and go as you please!
Well, right now we are working with the husband of a less active member, and about four other people. We're keeping busy but we are definately trying to find new people. what do the missionaries there do to find? Do they have any creative ideas?
Well, I know that this letter is a little short but I think I told you everything in my last e-mail.
I did go on team-ups this last week which was good. I got to serve with Elder Melville and Elder Partington. It was nice to get some fresh ideas. I got to see one girl that I extended a date to! She visited the Hugoton branch a while back with her brother and I was teaching the class. So I taught a restoration lesson and extended the invitation for them to be baptized and then a few weeks later the Liberal Elders baptized them. (Because they live in the Liberal area) So I got to see her and say 'Hi'.
Well, I better get this off before a blizzard comes and stops the mail!
Love you,

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