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Monday January 17, 2011 e-mail
Hey! Hows life?
Life in these parts is good. We worked in Hugoton this last weekend and found a few potential people to teach so we're excited.
Me and Elder Melville had a tie trade go down last Friday after district meeting. (I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal). I got an awesome pink and white paisley.
I am still dying to know where Carson got called to. Do you know if he's sent me a letter yet? I want to know where he's going, when he leaves, how he feels, all of it!
I can't believe Jays out already. I bet he's loving Brazil!
Tomorrow I go to get my cavaties filled. That will be nice to get that all taken care of! And its even better because its free. I'm not looking forward to my "big lip" but I'll get over it.
So yesterday we helped someone carry a hide-a-bed out of their basement. That thing was a beast! We had to manuever it around a few corners, up some stairs, through a small hall, out the front door, and then into the garage. That took care of my excercise for the day! But its all good because they gave us a huge bag of frozen food in return! I love food!
We taught a spanish speaking man the other day. He is the husband of a less active member. We had to take the young mens leader with us because he speaks spanish. It was interesting teaching with a translator. We would teach a few sentences and then Brett (The member) would translate into spanish and then translate any responses back into english. It was cool.
Also, another cool thing was that Felipe (one of my fairly recent converts) taught young mens this last sunday. He taught lesson one out of Preach my Gospel. It was so neat being able to watch him teach what we taught him only a few months ago. He's doing so well. He comes every single Sunday and loves blessing the sacrament.
So I finally got some new tracting pants! Elder Smiths mom sent him three pairs. One of them didn't fit and so he asked if I wanted to try them on. They fit me great so I gave him $20 and called them mine. I also got a free pair of black tracting shoes recently. So I think I have everything I need to finish off with. That is, unless I get beat up in some form or another!
Today is P-day so we'll be doing the usual. But we will be playing basketball with some investigators at about three. That should be pretty fun.
Well.....I haven't gotten an e-mail yet so I'll get it and reply to it next week.
Take care! Love you all
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. I heard that the Ducks lost. Dang it!!! They got so close. I heard that they just lost by like two or three points. I guess its a good thing that I wasn't able to watch it. That would have been too painful to sit through!

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